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Running your first identity verification with EmbedID

Running your first identity verification with EmbedID
Running your first identity verification with EmbedID

Running your first identity verification with EmbedID? Congratulations, you are on your way to reducing fraud, increasing trust and safety, and protecting against financial crime!

EmbedID is built from the ground up to provide the best digital onboarding experience; everything that happens behind the scenes is designed to make it easy, seamless and quick, both for you and your customers. Powered by GlobalGateway, EmbedID leverages a wealth of identity verification insights and network intelligence gained from helping hundreds of organizations worldwide to deliver the right digital onboarding experience.

Previously we covered how to integrate EmbedID into a sample app, a tutorial to walk you through the steps to verify identities with a multi-layered approach on your localhost. This tutorial walks you through the steps to get your identity verification results when submitting the test data via this sample app.

You will need these tools.

  1. A Trulioo account (free)
  2. Any code or text editor
  3. (free).
  4. Phone with QR code scanner
  5. Postman (free)

Step 1: Setup the sample app

  1. Complete setup of  a sample application following these steps.

Step 2: Get your browser in developer mode so you can see the console

  1. To access the developer console in Chrome on Windows, use the menu on the right of the window, and choose  More tools > Developer tools> and navigate to the Console. The exact path may be a bit different depending on your browser version
    Developer mode
  2. You’ll see the console appear on your screen and you should see the output from the page, index.html, appear in the console. If you don’t, just reload the page to see it.

Step 3: Complete the registration form
We have included a set of test identities you can use to test EmbedID to deliver either a verified (match) or not verified (nomatch) verification result.

  1. Select a test identity below from the Verified group.
  2. Copy and paste the corresponding fields to complete the registration form.
  3. Click Submit.

Test identities for verified result:

Justin Mark Williams
SSN: 000568791
Birthday: 8/4/1988
Phone: 802 660 9697
Address: 18 – 420 9th Avenue,
New York, NY
Postal Code: 10001

Test identities for not verified result:

Lucia J. Ronning
SSN: 309-23-0000
Birthday: 10/11/1981
Phone: 812-472-7518
Address: 2649 Lucy Lane,
Fredericksburg, IN
Postal Code: 47120

TIP: The form dynamically changes the structure of the address based on the country selected to optimize proper data collection.

Step 4: Capture ID document

  1. Using your phone follow the instructions to scan the QR code. This allows for the ID document capture to continue on your mobile device producing a better quality image.
    Capture ID document
  2. Proceed with the form on your phone, but keep the browser open.  The images you submit will appear here
    Submit imagesOn your phone:
  3. Select the country of your ID document
  4. Select the type of ID document you will submit. For this example let’s select a driving license. For this sandbox environment you can capture any rectangular shape item, it will not be submitted for a real authentication check.
  5. Follow the instructions and capture the front and back side of the sample ID document. 
  6. Once the images submitted, you can see them in the form at your index.html
  7. Click Next 

TIP: In addition to producing higher quality images, requiring document collection on a mobile device reduces the opportunity for bad actors to submit digitally constructed ID documents.

Step 5: Take a selfie

  1. Now follow the instruction to take a selfie.
  2. Place your face inside the oval
  3. Smile and/or move your face per the instructions for liveness detection.
  4. When your selfie is captured click Confirm to proceed
  5. Switch back to the index.html
  6. You should see there
    a) Image of the front of your ID document
    b) Image of the back of your ID document
    c) Your selfie
  7. Click Next to submit the data, complete your verification transaction  and generate the experience transaction ID (TRID)

Step 6: Find the TRID in the console 

  1. In the console, under @handleResponse  you can now see a new line {experienceTransactionId: “21c5e92ea34e495ea1c4f824a70a1388”} in this example . 
  2. This is the ID generated for the transaction completed in the previous step

TIP: Every time the data is submitted through your identity verification flow , the unique experienceTransactionId is generated. You can call Trulioo API and retrieve details of this transaction, such as the data submitted, datasources called and the  verification result

Step 7:  Get Verification Results in postmant

  1. In this steps we will retrieve the verification results using the Trulioo  API
  2. Open Postman
  3. Create New > Request 
  4. Paste this URL<TRID>/detailedResult
  5. Make sure GET is selected 
  6. Go to Headers
  7. Add Key:  “x-trulioo-api-key”
  8. “Value” will be your EmbedID API KEY (  Go back to and copy the key you have pasted for const truliooApiKey =”” earlier , following the step 3 from here  )

  9. In the URL let’s replace the <TRID> with the Experience Transaction ID from the verification
  10. In  the index.htm , find {experienceTransactionId} in the console
  11. Copy everything inside the “ ” quotes ,21c5e92ea34e495ea1c4f824a70a1388, in this example and past it instead of <TRID>  in the URL
  12. Now everything is set up to retrieve the verification results. Click “Send” and scroll down to see the body of the response

Congratulations, you’ve run your first identity verification!

Now that you know how to run an identity verification, you can see how easy it is to adjust settings. You can similarly change settings for different use-cases, countries and verification types. With EmbedID, you have the power to modify the workflows to fit your needs, without the complexity or time and effort usually required.

Let EmbedID create your registration forms to securely onboard verified users around the globe allowing your team to focus on product innovation.

In the next post, you’ll discover how you can use your identity verification results to maximize performance from country to country. You’ll quickly see which customers immediately pass their verification checks, need more due diligence or to reject right away. Stopping fraudsters before they gain access to your services and allowing good customers to quickly onboard is crucial to a successful onboarding process. With EmbedID, the power to quickly onboard good customers while rejecting bad actors is now yours.