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Prove It! Banks Resist Using Digital Processes To Improve Customer Service

For all their talk of become digital, banks still have a ways to go on such a basic task as opening a new account without a branch visit. Only 49% of North American banks let new customers use digital methods to establish their identity and open a bank account, according to a recent survey by FICO. Its Customer Identity Management Survey said that 23% of customers would abandon opening an account if the bank required them to provide their identity through another channel.

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18 fast-growing startups with job openings this November

Innovative companies that work in energy efficiency, virtual healthcare, autonomous vehicles and more looking for skilled people to join their teams. Canadian tech companies set themselves apart from Silicon Valley’s startups with one differentiating factor: they aim to build tech that improves — not just disrupts — society.

That meaningful innovation will be on display this November, as MaRS hosts the inaugural MaRS Impact Week, where thousands of innovators from across the globe will gather virtually for deep discussions on the most pressing technology challenges of our time.

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Trulioo’s compliant onboarding and identity verification enables investment platform’s expansion

Australian-based investment platform Stake’s use of the Trulioo GlobalGateway to provide digital identity verification and regulatory compliance for the company’s services are enabling its expansion into new markets.

The partnership allows Stake’s customers to be onboarded and instantly verified from anywhere with GlobalGateway. They will then be able to deposit funds via the app and start trading in the U.S. stock market on the same day, according to a case study from Trulioo.

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COVID-19 Driving an Acceleration in Adoption of Identity Verification

More than 70% of online marketplaces and half (52%) of financial services organisations have increased adoption of ID verification as a result of the pandemic. Businesses in the UK and U.S. have been ramping up their identity verification processes in order to protect customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


COVID-19 tracker apps could be the key to reopening the economy, but is your private information safe?

A trend catching on in Europe could soon be coming to your office place or other establishments. While the concept of issuing special passes for those who could be coronavirus-free sounds like a great way to move towards some normality in our economy, questions about its reliability and privacy are raising some concerns.

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Eight High-Growth Vancouver Tech Companies To Watch

The Globe and Mail has published their second annual ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies and the list of 400 businesses sprawl across sectors, from fashion to finance, and manufacture everything from medical testing devices to organic pasta. Techcouver has poured over the list to uncover Vancouver’s gems of entrepreneurial success, whether they be companies that we’ve all heard of or are hearing about for the very first time.

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AI-Fueled ID Verification Is Redefining Friction

There is no “workaround” for the great digital shift, and remote onboarding is the way of the world now. Fortunately, that’s being well-managed with technology including artificial intelligence (AI) that has come a long way in a short time, and now possesses the “smarts” necessary. Identity verification is a prime example of how more advanced forms of AI are helping to turn the tide in the digital identity war now being waged between fraudsters and all online businesses.

“AI is especially handy in easing the frictions customers face when applying for accounts or services online, where stringent and often intrusive anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) procedures cause many to abandon the processes,” according to PYMNTS’ new AML/KYC Tracker® done in collaboration with Trulioo.

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Trulioo rides digital identity verification success onto Canada’s 100 fastest-growing companies list

The rapid growth of Trulioo’s digital identity and biometrics business has led to it being declared among the top hundred fastest-growing businesses in Canada by Canadian national newspaper The Globe and Mail.

The paper’s 2020 Report on Business features a list of the country’s 400 growing companies based on three-year revenue growth. Trulioo came in at number 97. “We are thrilled to be recognized by The Globe and Mail as one of the top 100 businesses that are driving positive change in Canada,” commented Steve Munford, CEO of Trulioo.

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Top 400 Canada’s Top Growing Companies: 2020

Welcome to our second annual ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies. The 400 businesses on this list sprawl across sectors, from fashion to finance, and manufacture everything from medical testing devices to organic pasta.

Much of the success celebrated in these pages occurred before a global pandemic changed how most companies operate. But as you will read, many of these businesses were able to adapt, innovate and even expand despite the challenges posed by these past few months. As individual companies, and the entire country, work to rebuild, there’s more need than ever to share the stories of entrepreneurial success—and the innovations and strategies that made it possible.

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