Business Identity Theft Protection Stop Fraudulent Businesses Before They Do Damage

Business Identity Theft

Trulioo gives organizations the power to spot and stop fraudsters who falsely represent a business during onboarding. Trulioo business verification across an automated, integrated platform eliminates the onboarding blind spots where fraudsters hide, giving organizations a 360-degree view of companies and those who operate them. Verify businesses across the onboarding spectrum, from the submitter to the company’s ultimate beneficial owners, to fight business identity theft and quickly identify good accounts.



Quickly Uncover Fraud

Robust business verification at onboarding gives organizations the power to shine a light on fraudulent companies, merchants and sole proprietorships. Rapidly mix and match different verification capabilities to gain a comprehensive view of business anywhere in the world.

KYB and KYC workflows


Ensure Compliance Globally

Easily adjust KYB and KYC workflows to meet regulatory requirements worldwide and deliver secure digital commerce. Automatically waterfall from KYB for business details to KYC for UBO identity verification in a single workflow. Add Watchlist Screening and additional due diligence for deeper compliance.

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Achieve the Highest Assurance

Retrieve UBO data from official sources in a standardized format to gain greater insight into businesses during onboarding. With worldwide data sources, local expertise and intelligent workflow routing, Trulioo delivers the industry-leading accuracy and the highest onboarding assurance across the globe.

Fortify Your Platform and Build Trust and Safety

700M Verifiable Business Entities 400+ Government and Public Records 195 Countries Covered 26,000+ Watchlists and Media Sources

Trust and Safety

Access the most expansive, accurate data coverage in markets around the world to prevent bad actors from establishing fraudulent business accounts.

Use case - Trust and Safety

Real-Time Business Screening

Screen business entities for money laundering, sanctions and adverse media during and after onboarding to ensure the highest assurance.

Anti-Money Laundering

Truly Global Business Verification

Leverage more than 400 government registries and public records sources with normalized outputs and multilayered data intelligence to verify businesses with confidence.

Achieve compliance around the world

Business Owner Verification

Run identity verification checks on beneficial owners through integrated workflows and meet enhanced due diligence requirements without extra effort.


How to Protect Your Business From Identity Theft

Explore how Trulioo business onboarding capabilities help organizations prevent fraudulent business accounts while meeting customer expectations for speed and convenience.

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Enhance Business Verification for Global Digital Commerce

Solve the complexities of worldwide business verification and safeguard your organization’s platform.

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Business Identity Theft Prevention Resources

Explore best practices, resources and industry insights to help solve your business identity theft challenges around the world.

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Business Identity Theft Fuels Mitigation Efforts

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about protecting your organization.

Business identity theft is the acquisition and fraudulent use of a business’s identifying information. It involves stealing a company’s identity in much the same way personal identity theft involves stealing an individual’s information.

Businesses can mitigate identity theft by securing their data, regularly monitoring financial accounts, implementing strong verification processes and educating employees about potential threats.

One method is to check if company data is available through an online central register. If registry information is accurate, up to date and robust, the approach can provide a source of truth that delivers transparency. However, in many cases, registry information can be out of date, inaccurate or unverified.

Fraudulent accounts are used to evade taxes, sell stolen or counterfeit goods, or commit first-party fraud. That can result in lost revenue, diminished customer trust, a tarnished brand reputation and complicated tax disputes.

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