Marketplaces and Communities Maximize Your Reach With Fast, Secure Identity Verification

Create a Trusted Ecosystem of Verified Vendors and Customers

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Fast, low-friction identity verification can give marketplaces the competitive edge they need to expand their reach in an industry where reputation matters. Make a positive first impression with accelerated, secure customer and vendor onboarding through a trusted global identity verification platform that leverages industry-leading technology, global data sources and deep expertise.



Grow Your Community

Expand into new markets around the world and quickly verify vendors and users with real-time access to global data sources and drag-and-drop workflows customized to your needs.



Customize Verification

Every seller and vendor has a different risk profile. Customize your identity verification workflows for different users, countries and markets for fast onboarding with little friction.



Minimize Fraud and Risk

Weed out bad actors without losing legitimate customers to onboarding friction. Leverage an intuitive, end-to-end identity verification platform for real-time insights and reports so you can spot and reduce threats before they affect your community.

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Identity Platform Your Global Identity Platform

Quickly build, launch and optimize onboarding workflows, through a drag-and-drop Workflow Studio or API Direct, that match your needs and requirements. Deftly adjust workflows to expand across borders, match changing market conditions and adapt to shifting customer expectations without draining IT resources.

Solution - Workflow Studio

Individual Verification Rapidly Verify Identities and Expand Across Borders

Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning, hundreds of data sources and deep expertise to optimize verification workflows for your marketplace.


Integrations Build a Powerful Verification Solution on a Single Platform

Global identity verification is complex. It’s even more complicated when relying on multiple vendors and systems to manage and update. We make it easy by integrating all your onboarding capabilities into one comprehensive platform.

Solution - API Direct

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How to Build a Trusted Online Marketplace Platform

Learn how trust and safety programs help protect your online marketplace customers, building your reputation as a fair and safe place to transact or interact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about key industry terms and concepts.

What is an online marketplace business model?

An online marketplace connects buyers and sellers digitally through a website or app. Some online marketplaces replicate traditional buying and selling. Others act as a third party to match products and services with a provider.

How do you establish trust in a marketplace?

Trust and safety teams establish policies and procedures to create fair marketplaces. Verification for merchants and customers helps ensure participants are legitimate and accountable.

How do online marketplace deal with fraud?

A risk-based approach allows marketplaces to apply risk controls based on merchant and customer profiles. They then can adjust due diligence based on specific situations, creating smooth experiences for legitimate users and additional verification for those who pose a greater fraud risk.

What features increase trust in an online marketplace?

Beyond identity verification, organizations can build digital trust through data audits, data life cycle management, security expertise, control systems, customer due diligence and ongoing monitoring.

What is marketplace trust and safety?

Consumers expect online brands to take steps to protect them from fraud and identity threats. Online marketplaces can deploy strategies to improve security, build trust and create reassuring experiences that meet customer expectations.

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