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One of the World’s Largest Online Marketplaces Increases Trust and Safety in 10 Key Markets

Marketplace Optimization

Trust and safety stand as top priorities for an online marketplace that connects customers and merchants around the world. But maintaining that standard across borders can create complex challenges and costly onboarding inefficiencies. 

The marketplace recognized that challenge and partnered with Trulioo to launch an optimization initiative. The goal was to better understand onboarding processes and requirements in different markets, improve onboarding conversion rates, and ensure the marketplace delivers trusted user experiences in countries across the globe.

Control Costs While Increasing Verification Rates

The marketplace has been a long-standing Trulioo partner with a strong track record of continual performance improvement, cost efficiencies and innovation.

In optimizing the marketplace’s onboarding, Trulioo provided an in-depth, custom performance and cost analysis to increase conversion rates in key markets while controlling costs. That effort led to:

  • Increased verification rates in 10 markets around the world
  • Onboarding an estimated 700,000 new users annually

4% Verification Rate Improvement Across 10 Markets

As a global business, it’s imperative the marketplace provide an onboarding experience that meets user expectations for speed, convenience and security anywhere in the world.

Trulioo helped the organization achieve that goal by conducting transaction batch testing across countries. From there, Trulioo compared multiple data set scenarios and rule configurations to recommend a custom data package that reduced onboarding costs and improved conversions.

Working with Trulioo data science and customer success teams, the marketplace realized an average 4% performance uplift across:










United Kingdom

Estimated 700,000 New Users Onboarded Annually

The 4% verification rate improvement can drive millions in additional annual revenue by helping the marketplace onboard an estimated 700,000 new users who would have required additional verification and manual reviews. 

That optimization helped the organization automatically onboard more customers and merchants and ensure a trusted, low-friction experience anywhere in the world.