Forex Brokers KYC Compliance That Transcends Borders

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Provide fast, smooth customer experiences while accelerating compliance with KYC and AML regulations. Defend against financial crime in the foreign exchange market with intuitive identity verification and access to more than 450 data sources around the world.



Achieve Compliance Across Borders

Managing KYC and AML requirements across multiple countries is a big challenge for forex brokers. The Trulioo platform enables drag-and-drop workflows that quickly adapt to new regulations and market shifts.



Balance Security and Speed

Not all threats are the same, so why treat them equally? Apply flexible identity verification that meets your risk-based approach without affecting the customer experience.



Turn Global Ambition Into Reality

Skip the growing pains of international expansion. With a comprehensive end-to-end identity platform, forex trading companies can easily grow across regions and international markets.

The Verification Experts for Forex Trading

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Real-Time Protection Ensure the Integrity of Your User Base

Tap into more than 6,000 global watchlists for comprehensive access to AML risk data sources, including sanctions lists, law enforcement lists and regulatory bodies.

Solution - AML Watchlist Screening

Boost Satisfaction Enhance Customer Onboarding

Technology, regulations and shifting consumer expectations can complicate delivering the best user experience. Streamlined digital identity verification through a comprehensive platform can provide the simplicity you need and the experience customers expect.


Know Your Customer Maximize Matches and Minimize Risk

Trulioo is your global identity verification platform. Leverage the drag-and-drop Workflow Studio to customize verification workflows that match your needs and compliance requirements. Deftly adjust workflows to expand across borders, match changing market conditions and adapt to shifting regulations.


Fighting Fraud and Friction for Forex Brokers

The Trulioo platform gives forex brokers the flexibility they need to adapt rapidly to shifting market conditions.

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Gain a deeper understanding of the KYC and AML requirements financial service organizations must meet to ensure trust, privacy, safety and compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about key industry terms and concepts.

How does a foreign exchange trading company apply Know Your Customer to onboarding?

Forex companies can request customer identification information — such as name, address and birthdate — and compare it to data sources. They can also examine images from identity documents to determine if they’re legitimate.

Why is sanctions screening important during customer onboarding?

Screening customers against watchlists and sanctions lists can help organizations reduce the risk of doing business with people and entities that have committed, or are suspected of, illegal acts.

How do regulations affect forex platforms?

Forex platforms must have compliance programs to help ensure they meet licensing requirements and protect their business and customers.

Verify Users Anywhere, Anytime

Expand with confidence by balancing compliance, speed and convenience.

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