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The world’s largest identity verification marketplace has everything you need.

From Fortune 500s to SMBs, we help businesses meet compliance, reduce fraud and build trusted relationships with customers. That’s the unique advantage of the GlobalGateway identity network: it adapts to serve any sized company in any industry, accommodating new use cases and workflows on the fly.


Financial services

Identity verification combats money laundering and fraud while helping businesses stay compliant.

Financial transactions are safer when you Know Your Customer.

GlobalGateway offers an enterprise-grade verification solution that’s used by:

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eCommerce and retail

Drive top-line growth and minimize fraud with instant identity verification.

Welcome legitimate customers with open arms.

Identity verification used to be a costly manual process that created friction for buyers. Not anymore.

Now you can verify people quickly and simply on your website and mobile app. Cut down on cart abandonment and Card Not Present fraud with a smooth and secure checkout process.

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Did you know?

The GlobalGateway identity network enables hundreds of organizations around the world, across a wide range of industries, to instantly verify customers. Our current enterprise clients operate in an average of 20 countries.

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Deliver healthcare services more effectively and efficiently by using digital identity verification

Cut costs and protect sensitive patient information through smart identity verification processes.

Advances in tele-health and digital healthcare record systems have created new opportunities to optimize both the front and back office of healthcare practitioners and institutions. However, proper record keeping and strict access controls rely on accurate identity verification measures.

Learn how digital identity verifications can help:

  • Verify patient identity for HIPAA requirements
  • Safeguard patient information
  • Prevent medical identity theft
  • Reduce incorrect transfer, release or updating of medical records
  • Avoid losses due to fraudulent claims and misbilling
  • Onboard and check-in patients remotely
  • Process distribution of prescription pharmaceuticals
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Identity verification helps deliver online public services safely and quickly while ensuring sensitive personal identifiable information is not compromised.

Government services are more secure with proper identification.

Numerous government services can benefit from digital transformation:

  • Applications
  • Payments
  • Voting
  • Communications
  • Surveys
  • Taxes
  • Business registration
  • Employment programs
  • Health programs

Having accurate and trustworthy identity information enables a new paradigm for government delivery, lowering costs and expanding services via online channels.

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