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Crypto companies operate in a complex global environment of evolving regulations, emerging threats and customers who expect fast, secure onboarding. Strike the balance between compliance and customer experience with nimble individual and business identity verification that rises to the challenge of a rapidly growing global industry.



Achieve AML and KYC Compliance Across Borders

AML and KYC regulations vary in regions and countries around the world. Leverage identity verification workflows that rapidly adapt to regulatory or market shifts while ensuring a secure trading environment.



Expand Your Global Reach

Our end-to-end identity verification platform opens the world for your expansion. Access more than 450 data sources covering 195 countries and more than 5 billion potential customers, giving you the confidence to enter new markets and the agility to meet new verification challenges.

AI Driven Workflows


Accelerate Onboarding and Increase User Volume

Pre-built and customized verification workflows, natural language processing and AI-driven insights combine to maximize accuracy and match rates while reducing onboarding friction.

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AML & KYC Challenges Achieve Compliance Around the World

The growing crypto market is facing increasingly complex and evolving AML and KYC compliance challenges. Adjust to shifting regulatory requirements with sophisticated online identity verification that simplifies compliance across the globe while providing fast, convenient customer experiences.

Regulatory Compliance

Identity Document Verification Enhance Onboarding Security and Certainty

Digital fraud is always at crypto’s doorstep looking for a way in. Identity Document Verification bolts the door with a global network of verification services, access to more than 11,800 verifiable document types and AI-driven tech that outsmarts tampering and spoofing.

Solution - Document Verification

Identity Platform Build, Launch and Optimize Verification Workflows

Trulioo is your global identity verification platform. Leverage the drag-and-drop Workflow Studio to customize verification workflows that match your requirements. Deftly adjust workflows to expand across borders, match changing market conditions and adapt to shifting regulations without draining IT resources.

Solution - Workflow Studio

Stay Ahead of Evolving Regulations

Bitbuy Expedites Onboarding While Complying With KYC Requirements

Crypto proof of address

Crypto Content Hub

Understanding Know Your Customer Requirements for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Gain an understanding of the KYC legal requirements crypto exchanges must meet to protect customer assets and maintain privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about key industry terms and concepts.

How are cryptocurrencies regulated?

Regulatory oversight of crypto around the world is increasing. In regions lacking specific legislation, crypto often falls under other laws, such as those governing money service businesses or securities.

What is KYC and AML in crypto?

Crypto exchanges conduct Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures to verify identities, perform customer due diligence and stop illicit funds from entering the financial system.

Is KYC required for crypto?

Most crypto exchanges require that any person exchanging currency and crypto provide proof of identity and go through KYC procedures. Decentralized exchanges and unhosted crypto wallets do not always require KYC.

Is KYC and AML compliance a smart move for crypto?

AML and KYC are standard practices in other financial sectors, and crypto is trending in that direction. Crypto organizations can build adaptable, robust and scalable systems to achieve compliance as regulatory requirements arise.

How do I choose the best identity platform to conduct KYC for crypto?

Cryptocurrency technology, markets and regulations are changing rapidly. Verification platforms that allow crypto organizations to quickly enter new markets and adjust processes enable global growth without major delays.

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