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Remittance – Overview

Only Trulioo combines a full suite of in-house verification services with a global data network and local market expertise to deliver the highest onboarding assurance for remittance senders and recipients. Achieve AML and KYC compliance on both sides of transactions – even for thin-file consumers – in any market around the world. The Trulioo global platform enables identity verification for all country pairs, ensuring remittance customers can quickly move money and organizations can establish powerful fraud defenses.



Onboard Money Senders and Recipients Worldwide

A global data source network fuels Trulioo person verification, enabling remittance companies to streamline onboarding and accelerate entry into new markets. The Trulioo integrated platform delivers the highest onboarding assurance with more than 450 data sources across 195 countries and the ability to verify more than 13,000 identity documents.



Achieve Remittance Compliance Anywhere in the World

Trulioo customizable workflows adjust to AML and KYC regulations across the globe. Leverage the flexibility to rapidly adapt to any KYC need by mixing data and document verification in a single workflow. With deep local expertise, Trulioo optimizes verification performance by market while meeting compliance requirements.



Stop Fraud at Account Setup

Boost match rates with an automated identity verification platform backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Confidently onboard customers, stop fraud at account creation and ensure secure transactions with access to more than 6,000 global watchlists.

The Trusted Verification Partner for Remittance Leaders

Trulioo empowers six of the world’s top 10 digital remittance companies.

Remittance top provider

Comprehensive Due Diligence Navigate Regulatory Compliance Worldwide

Meet strict compliance standards with automated onboarding that eliminates the need for different contracts and integrations for markets around the world. Trulioo delivers deep expertise to help remittance platforms meet FinCEN, FCA, FINTRAC, AUSTRAC and other money service business requirements across the globe.

Regulatory Compliance

Identity + Document Verification Maximize Cross-Border Customer Coverage

Mix and match hundreds of global and local data sources with identity document verification and biometrics for the highest verification match rates and the lowest false positives across markets. Leverage state-of-the-art AI technology and local expertise to optimize the cost of onboarding good, verified customers.

Use case - Global Expansion

Global Identity Platform Accelerate the Verification Experience

Mitigate the risk of onboarding abandonment. Trulioo provides a suite of in-house identity verification capabilities in a global platform that accelerates onboarding. Customize workflows to meet different needs around the world and limit time-consuming reverification, secondary authentication and manual checks.

Solution - Workflow Studio

Watchlist Screening Fortify Your Customer Base

Watchlist Screening provides powerful protection by screening people and businesses against more than 6,000 global watchlists and 20,000-plus adverse media sources. Ensure your customers present the lowest risk of fraud, money laundering and financial crime.

Solution - AML Watchlist Screening

Why Choose Trulioo?


Optimized Onboarding Costs for Good, Verified Users

Leverage Trulioo expertise and flexible combinations of data, rules and verification capabilities to optimize your onboarding costs while delivering security and convenience for customers.


Your Single Source of Verification

Easily integrate a full suite of in-house verification services and connect to an unrivaled network of global and local data sources.


Guaranteed Data Privacy

Trulioo follows privacy regulations and maintains ISO 27001 certification. We require our partners meet the same standards.

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Industry Sheet

Move Remittances Safely With Global Identity Verification

Learn how to ensure secure money transfers and achieve compliance in countries around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about key remittance industry terms and concepts.

While there are different types of remittance, it generally refers to moving money across borders, such as when workers from different countries send money home.

While many financial services companies can send money across borders, a remittance service provider has the licensing and payment network to enable ongoing small-amount international payments.

The high volume of transactions and the remittance market’s value make money laundering a significant risk.

Know Your Customer, customer due diligence and watchlist screening procedures to verify transaction senders and recipients can help ensure the parties are legitimate. Transaction monitoring also helps detect money laundering.

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