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Trulioo is a RegTech company. We build and connect digital identity networks around the globe, and this framework of trust empowers businesses to assess the various risks associated with digital identities.

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Everyone is someone

Digital services hold the promise of allowing anyone to interact and transact with anyone, anywhere. However, the threat of bad actors gets in the way of our connectedness; the global village only works if we trust each other.

The Trulioo mission of trust, privacy and inclusion is about recreating the trust of a village, but on a global scale. We are on a mission to make sure no one is left behind and everyone participates fully in the modern digital economy. With a digital footprint, 1 billion people that don’t have an identity record no longer have to be invisible. They can participate because everyone is someone.

About Us

A digital identity marketplace

Today, Trulioo provides a global identity marketplace that services a wide range of industries, including finance, banking, retail, payments, gaming, and online marketplaces — all through a single API integration. Global banks, Fortune 500 enterprises, tech giants, and companies of all sizes use Trulioo GlobalGateway every day to help meet compliance, fraud prevention, and trust and safety requirements.

We have built an identity marketplace of over 400 trusted data sources that have been rigorously vetted and deliver the highest standards of privacy and data protection. We continue to expand the types and markets of data in our goal to build the most comprehensive global identity network available. As digital services continue to evolve and expand, digital identities will be crucial in creating fairness and transparency to help build stronger, more resilient organizations, communities and people.

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Backed by the world’s leading banks and fintech investors, Trulioo continues to disrupt the industry with its digital identity marketplace.

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About Us

Empowered by trust

Our mission is critical, our vision is big. We are changing the world, one identity at a time. We’re agile and resourceful, and we look for people who share our strong work ethic. We are all about impact and the billions around the world who benefit from our ingenuity and perseverance.

As a global company, we celebrate diversity and inclusion. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, with privacy at the forefront of everything we do. At Trulioo, a person’s identity is worthy of our trusted care. Our mission matters — for billions of people, everywhere.

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