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Identity Platform - overview

Only the Trulioo suite of in-house verification capabilities covers the world and eliminates the need for multiple point solutions. Blend business and person verification for deep KYB insights. Combine data and document verification for the highest onboarding assurance. Automatically route users to the best verification services to expand across borders, match evolving fraud strategies and adapt to shifting regulations.

No matter your verification needs, Trulioo stands as the industry’s only partner that can verify your world.




With guided expertise from Trulioo, create onboarding workflows that match your specific verification needs and help you comply with KYB, KYC, AML and sanctions screening around the world. Leverage Workflow Studio for no-code, drag-and-drop workflow building, or use API Direct to connect to specific verification services.




Rapidly launch your verification processes and remove the burden from your development team with a single API integration and ready-to-use, hosted front-end forms.

AI Driven Workflows



Monitor, test and optimize your verification processes using real-time analytics and automated, AI-driven insights. Analyze customer onboarding behavior to reduce friction, remove bottlenecks and increase conversions.

Find the Fastest Route to
Worldwide Verification

Workflow Studio Customize With Ease

Meet your identity verification needs around the world by creating onboarding workflows with no-code, drag-and-drop Workflow Studio. Workflows can be integrated through a single line of code embedded into your existing webpage, or access them from a URL as a hosted form.

Solution - Workflow Studio

API Direct Integrate Your Way

Connect directly to verification services that meet your requirements. Quickly integrate Trulioo core capabilities, such as configured verification waterfalls, with your front-end system to enhance onboarding. Leverage the power of Trulioo to create customized applications that match your needs and fuel your growth.

Solution - API Direct

On-Device SDK Gain More Control

Bring secure document and biometric verification into your native apps with the Trulioo off-the-shelf capture SDKs for web, iOS and Android. Welcome the right customers with a fast and friendly image-capture process, delivered in their own language and customized to your company branding.

Solution - On-Device SDK

Navigate Challenges by Blending Verification Capabilities

Configure intelligent verification workflows to deliver superior user experiences while maintaining compliance.

White paper - Maximizing Your ROI in Identity Verification playbook


Optimize Your Investment in Identity Verification

Discover best practices and tips for enhanced global verification that can quickly adapt to evolving risks and regulatory requirements.

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Why Choose Trulioo?

Optimized Cost Per Good, Verified User

Leverage Trulioo expertise and flexible combinations of data, rules and services to optimize your onboarding costs while safeguarding your customers from fraud.

Rapid Entry Into New Markets

Harness a comprehensive, global identity and business verification platform with prebuilt and customized workflows optimized by country and industry.

Your Single Source of Verification

Easily integrate a full suite of verification capabilities and connect to a global network of data sources across the globe.

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Insights help you accelerate onboarding, reduce fraud and remain compliant.

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Identity Verification Platform

Identity Platform


The Global Identity Platform That Verifies Your World

Frequently Asked Questions

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An identity platform simplifies verification applications and services. Companies can develop identity verification workflows without coding, get analytics and insights, and integrate with third-party services through one interface.

No-code workflows let companies create configurable digital onboarding and ongoing monitoring through a graphical user interface instead of using traditional hand-coded programming.

No-code enables nondevelopers to build and optimize verification workflows, saving time and IT resources. Starting with prebuilt workflows for common use cases can accelerate the process

A comprehensive, integrated identity platform provides all the processes, tools and services for identity verification anywhere in the world.

Know Your Customer compliance varies by use case and country. An agile platform can quickly adjust to different requirements and markets while maintaining smooth onboarding experiences.

One Platform. One Contract. The Entire World.

One platform provides all the capabilities you need to expand globally, minimize risk and meet evolving regulatory requirements.

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