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Because Knowing Your Customer is Crucial

Verify 4 billion people anywhere anytime with instant global identity verification


Verify billions of people in seconds through 1 API

Open APIs with multiple integration options

  • Robust APIs with modern RESTful services and legacy integration options
  • Instant identity, age and address verification in up to 60+ countries
  • Access 200 data sources around the world
  • Data source attributions, customization and waterfalling
  • Matching rules customization
  • Automated Global AML Watchlist Checking
  • Third party integration options
  • Simple and easy-to-use online portal available, no software to install


Robust and reliable data sources

Data quality is the single most important factor in the
success of a compliant and risk mitigating identity verification

Mobile and Device

Match to billions of user records from thousands of mobile application publishers in over 200 countries including name, cross carrier mobile number, email address, device ID as well as demographic data such as browser type, operating system and app installs.

Cyber ID 

Search billions of user profiles from social networks, mobile application developers, social login providers and ecommerce merchants including verified name, address, mobile phone number and email address.

Consumer Marketing

Access aggregated opt-in consumer marketing information from thousands of agencies including name, address, telephone and email.


Match against passport, drivers license and citizenship files from government agencies in dozens of countries.

 Credit Bureau

Match against contact information aggregated from banks, credit cards and mortgage companies.


Search customer records from hundreds of cable, hydro, gas and telephone companies around the world.

 Public Records

Search and match to voter registration, census, property titles, marriage license, court dockets and bankruptcy filing records.

Better coverage and match rates

Access unique Cyber ID data

Match to over 2 billion verified cyber profiles from social networks, mobile application developers, social login providers and ecommerce merchants.

  • Match to over 2 billion verified cyber profiles
  • Better match rates in hard to cover customer demographics
  • Improve fraud detection for ecommerce and payments
  • Leverage exclusive data from social networks, ad networks, ecommerce merchants and mobile applications for better match results and coverage


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Trulioo enables automated identity verification at scale with effortless integration. After deploying Trulioo’s API, we have successfully expedited application processing time and eliminated the overhead of manual review process. We see faster response times and a greater number of applications being processed.”

Rajib Deysarkar, Technical Manager at IG Group

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