Person Match Identity Verification Streamline Person Verification With Proven Global Coverage

Person Match - overview

Achieve AML and KYC Compliance Around the World

As the digital landscape evolves and companies expand their global reach, online identity verification poses increasingly complex AML and KYC compliance challenges. Person Match provides a sophisticated solution with a global network of data partners and agile identity verification workflows that help you meet regulations anywhere in the world.

Accelerated Onboarding for Billions of Potential Customers

Manual verification and low-quality data sources can lead to slow onboarding and customer abandonment. Trulioo automatically applies intelligent routing during onboarding for the least friction, highest performance and optimal cost for good, verified users.
It takes time, resources and expertise to add data sources. Person Match removes that hurdle by providing access to more than 450 global and local data sources that make your workflows as broad as needed and detailed as necessary to fuel industry-leading match rates.
Achieve AML and KYC compliance across the globe. Blend a broad range of customized verification capabilities to meet shifting regulatory requirements while providing fast, convenient customer experiences.

Accurate Data From Diverse Sources to Fuel Global Expansion

Maximize Match Rates

AI technology and deep expertise in markets around the world help you verify with confidence and expand your global reach.

Meet Regional Compliance Requirements

Machine learning and natural language processing produce accurate local results and help you achieve regulatory compliance in any region.

Accelerate Global Expansion

Access a worldwide network of data sources and a full suite of in-house verification capabilities with one contract and one integration.

How Person Match Works

Start onboarding


Customer Starts Onboarding

A potential customer provides information that meets your onboarding requirements.

Data source check


Verification Begins

The encrypted personal data is checked against optimal data sources.

Match result


Trulioo Returns Result

Your organization receives a match or no-match result in less than a second.

Verified Customer Onboarded


Verified Customer Onboarded

The verified, good customer quickly joins your platform for the optimal onboarding cost.

Data and Documents: Better Together

Trulioo provides a full suite of in-house verification capabilities – including data source matching and identity document verification – that empowers organizations to mix and match tools to achieve the highest onboarding performance. By layering data source and document verification in a single workflow, organizations can enhance security, build trust and maintain compliance anywhere in the world.

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Verify Digital Identities Around the World

Expand across borders and onboard more high-quality customers.

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Digital Identity Verification

Identity Verification Content Hub

What Is Digital Identity Verification?

Learn why digital identity verification service is a reliable and quick way to build a layer of trust in a remote business relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about key industry terms and concepts.

Identity verification determines if potential customers are who they say they are. That helps prevent money launderers, fraudsters and other bad actors from creating accounts.

Digital identity verification checks a person’s data — such as name, birthdate and address — against trusted sources. Identity document verification examines pictures of ID documents for authenticity and signs of tampering.

Identity verification regulatory requirements and best practices evolve constantly and vary around the world. Companies face the challenge of adapting to those compliance requirements while providing fast, convenient onboarding.

Platforms that provide layered capabilities, such as data and document verification, can quickly adjust to different use cases, risk scenarios and compliance requirements.

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