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Person Match Buyer's Guide

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Watch Your Match Rates Soar With Routing Precision and Optimized Data 

Do multiple vendors and verification guesswork hamstring your organization’s onboarding efficiency?

There’s an easier way.

The Trulioo Person Match buyer’s guide provides a compass for the identity verification maze. The comprehensive guide delivers the strategy for selecting the optimal verification partner for your business needs.

Download the buyer’s guide to unlock:

  • Core features of a best-in-class identity verification partner
  • Key questions to ask to inform your choice of a partner
  • Critical insights to help you overcome onboarding challenges worldwide

Eliminate the guesswork, shed multiple point solutions and pave your way to swift, secure person verification.

Download the guide now and overcome your onboarding challenges.

How Person Match Helps Your Business


Maximize Operational Efficiency

Leverage best-in-class data optimization for tailored person verification and unrivaled match rates.


Reach Onboarding Goals

Develop an identity verification strategy that prioritizes your business needs, including cost optimization, compliance and user experience.


Verify With Precision

Learn how Trulioo Person Match delivers artificial intelligence, machine learning and intelligent routing to verify your customers with certainty.

With customized workflows leveraging AI/ML and intelligent routing, Trulioo can deliver data source verification in milliseconds. Organizations can ensure they strike the optimal balance between acquisition costs and customer lifetime value while following a clear path to precise identity verification.”

— Person Match Buyer’s Guide

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