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Document Verification - overview

Leverage ID Documents and Biometrics to Verify Your Customer

Organizations face a constant challenge mitigating fraud, achieving AML and KYC compliance, and ensuring their customers are not posing as someone else. Trulioo Identity Document Verification with facial biometrics provides an essential component of comprehensive onboarding and reverification. With coverage of more than 12,000 document types in 195 countries, Trulioo provides best-in-class identity verification rates around the world.

Optimized ID Document Verification and Selfie Capture

Trulioo Identity Document Verification verifies government-issued IDs and features liveness and face-comparison biometric tests. The capability includes proprietary SDKs for desktop and mobile to enable a low-friction image-capture experience and accurate, efficient verification.

Solution - On-Device SDK

Automated, Fast and Accurate Verification

Identity Document Verification extracts data from ID document barcodes and machine-readable zones, digitizes text fields, and runs verification and anti-fraud checks. The automated process sends edge cases for AI-assisted manual review. Verification results are available in real time through an intuitive dashboard.

Solution - Document Verification

Truly Global Coverage

Customers experience the image-capture process in their own language. Trulioo Identity Document Verification supports multiple document types around the world and extracts text data through optical character recognition in more than 20 non-Latin character sets.

Achieve compliance around the world

Identity Verification Knows No Border

With more than 450 data sources and coverage of 12,000-plus document types from around the world, we help you navigate the unique verification challenges of any country. Browse document types available for verification.

Supported Document Types
Approximate verification rates.  
Approximate verification rates, based on the best combination of data source and/or solution. Trulioo can provide results accurate to your requirements via a batch data test. *Using regional average for identity document verification.

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Verify Documents Worldwide

Create consistent customer experiences across the globe. Verify thin-file customers with coverage in nearly every country and the ability to support Latin and non-Latin characters.

Put Technology to Work

The Trulioo platform leverages machine learning to detect document manipulation or forgery. Further deter bad actors by combining live selfie, document capture and biometric technology.

Integrate Your Way

Accelerate your go-to-market launch with SDKs for web, Android and iOS. Choose a hosted no-code workflow to start verifying in seconds, integrate into your SDK in less than 15 minutes or connect to your tech stack and third-party services through a direct API.

Reduce Customer Abandonment

Balance low-friction customer experiences with accurate image capture. Create a great first impression with an intuitive, guided capture interface designed to win more customers and more revenue.

Stay Confidently Compliant

Provide a high degree of confidence for regulators or audits. Meet your compliance requirements with an anonymized transaction record for reporting and audit trails.
Consolidate Identity Vendors

Add Identity Document Verification to your KYC workflow in minutes. Easily connect additional services, from watchlist screening to address verification, and combine KYC and KYB capabilities through a single platform.

Mitigate Fraud and Onboard With Certainty

Fight identity theft fraud with Trulioo machine learning algorithms that detect presentation attacks and spoofing attempts. Onboard customers confidently with iBeta-certified biometric verification technology that provides passive liveness detection and face matching.

Keep Pace With Evolving Threats and Regulations

Quickly adapt to changing market conditions, emerging fraud vectors and evolving regulations around the world with a dynamic identity verification platform. Bypass the siloed patchwork of verification point solutions and gain a holistic view of individual and business customers.

Identity Document Verification

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Digital Identity Verification

Identity Verification Content Hub

What Is Digital Identity Verification?

Learn why digital identity verification service is a reliable and quick way to build a layer of trust in a remote business relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about key industry terms and concepts.

What is an identity document?

An identity document serves as proof that people are who they say they are. Generally, the documents are government-issued, unique and include personally identifiable information.

What can be used as an identity document?

The guidelines for acceptable identity documents vary by use case and country. Driver’s licenses, passports or national identity cards are common identity documents.

Why do businesses use remote identity verification?

Enabling people to sign up for services on an app or website widens the potential market and makes commerce easier for customers. Automated digital identity verification can decrease manual work and improve productivity.

How does online document verification work?

Document verification typically starts with a person taking a selfie and a picture of a driver’s license, passport, national ID card or other identity document. The images are then checked for evidence of tampering and to determine if the selfie matches the document portrait.

How is machine learning technology used in document verification?

Machine learning technology detects and automatically captures the document and selfie images to provide a smooth customer experience, optimize image quality and achieve superior verification rates. Machine learning is also critical in classifying documents and detecting fraud by comparing selfie and document images.

Why are verification rates important in document verification?

Verification rates play a significant role in determining the number of customers a company onboards. Poor document image capture can lead to increased manual reviews and slower onboarding, so a guided user experience can be critical to document verification success.

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