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Online Trading - overview

Only Trulioo delivers a full suite of in-house verification capabilities that positions online trading platforms to eliminate manual processes, accelerate onboarding and comply with KYC, KYB and AML requirements in markets around the world.

Mix and match verification types, such as identity and business verification, in a single, automated workflow to quickly move investors through onboarding so they can begin trading stocks, commodities, indices, ETFs and other assets. Trulioo combines the speed investors need with the security and compliance that drive growth for trading platforms.



Achieve Compliance Across Borders

With Trulioo, online trading platforms can confidently meet KYC, KYB and AML requirements anywhere in the world. Flexible, customized onboarding workflows enable firms to apply data, document and biometric verification to achieve the highest assurance and quickly adapt to evolving regulations.



Balance Security and Speed

Not all threats are the same, so why treat them equally? Trulioo delivers agile verification, combined with Watchlist Screening, so trading platforms can apply any risk-based approach that provides the right balance of security and onboarding speed for retail and institutional investors.



Reach Peak Operational Efficiency

Eliminate point solution clutter and redundant integrations with an all-in-one global platform that delivers deeper insight into retail and institutional investors. Gain more onboarding control to optimize the cost of a good, verified customer.



Turn Global Ambition Into Reality

Skip the growing pains of international expansion. With the Trulioo network of more than 450 global and local data sources, trading platforms can quickly verify customers, reduce onboarding abandonment and expand across international markets. Trulioo is a constant partner, accelerating expansion with local expertise across regions and continuous onboarding optimization.

This collaboration affirms our commitment to ensuring an exceptional user experience for our clients. With the integration of the Trulioo verification capability, we can provide a faster, more efficient client verification process without causing any inconvenience to our clients while maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance.”

Dana Massey, Chief Product Officer at

One Platform, One Integration, a World of Opportunities

Achieve peak match performance, meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risk. Combine verification tools, data sources, state-of-the-art technology and local expertise through a single global platform to quickly and securely onboard any person, any business, anywhere in the world.

Know Your Customer Maximize Verification Accuracy and Minimize Risk

The Trulioo platform gives trading platforms a powerful defense against money launderers, fraudsters and other high-risk people. Protect investors and the platform with KYC that precisely verifies digital identities around the world through data and document checks.


Comprehensive Due Diligence Navigate Regulatory Compliance Worldwide

Meet strict compliance standards with automated onboarding that eliminates the need for different contracts and integrations for markets around the world. Trulioo delivers deep expertise to help online trading platforms meet FinCEN, FINRA, FCA, FINTRAC, CySEC and other regulatory requirements across the globe.

Regulatory Compliance

Real-Time Protection Ensure the Integrity of Your User Base

Tap into more than 6,000 global watchlists – including sanctions lists, law enforcement lists and regulatory bodies – and 20,000 adverse media sources for comprehensive AML assurance.

Solution - AML Watchlist Screening

Investor Onboarding Deliver Powerful User Experiences

Fraud threats, regulations and shifting consumer expectations can make it difficult to deliver the best user experience. Trulioo combines streamlined digital identity verification, deep expertise and industry best practices to enable compliance clarity and ongoing performance improvements.


Innovation, Optimization Rise to the Challenge of Digital Change

The digital landscape changes quickly, and trading platforms face the challenge of keeping pace. Trulioo continually delivers new services, data sources and best practices to improve performance and optimize the onboarding costs of good, verified users.

Solution - Workflow Studio

Fighting Fraud and Friction for Online Trading Companies

Four out of the top five digital brokerages partner with Trulioo. One platform with a full suite of verification capabilities gives online trading companies the flexibility to adapt rapidly to shifting market conditions.

The Verification Experts for Trading Platforms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about key industry terms and concepts.

Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) is a significant goal of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws. They help law enforcement uncover terrorist plots and funding by identifying suspicious accounts and transactions.

Watchlist screening involves checking people or organizations against global sanctions and law enforcement lists to determine if they pose a risk.

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a legal requirement for brokerage companies. Verifying customers and conducting ongoing due diligence helps companies determine risk levels.

Identity verification (IDV) and watchlist screening are parts of a customer identification program (CIP). Know Your Customer (KYC) combines CIP with due diligence and ongoing monitoring.

KYC compliance requirements vary around the world. Regulators often require accurate, up-to-date identity information and a risk-based approach that demonstrates ongoing security.

Verify Users Anywhere, Anytime

Expand with confidence knowing you can balance compliance, speed and convenience.

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