Customer Onboarding Provide Low Friction and Secure Customer Verification

Consumer Onboarding - overview

Consumers expect fast and secure onboarding when opening an account. Avoid the pitfalls of slow, disjointed customer onboarding by leveraging a comprehensive end-to-end identity verification platform that puts speed, security and growth at the forefront of your operations.


Accelerate Verification

When consumers encounter too much friction during onboarding, the risk of abandonment spikes. With a suite of identity verification services in a single platform, Trulioo provides customized workflows to meet your specific needs and limit time-consuming reverification, secondary authentication and manual checks.

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Enhance Your Fraud Prevention

Consumers are wary of online fraud and expect companies to provide secure onboarding. A comprehensive verification platform helps you reassure customers that security is a top priority. Build an identity verification strategy that fights fraud and identity theft, ensuring customers are transacting in an environment they can trust.

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Achieve Regulatory Compliance Around the World

A verification solution is only as strong as its data coverage. Trulioo connects you to more than 450 data sources, more than 6,000 watchlists and 20,000 adverse media sources around the world to amplify match rates, meet KYC and AML compliance, and fuel market expansion. Adjust to evolving regulations and enter new markets confidently with a single identity verification platform.

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195 Countries Covered 5+ Billion Potential Customers 300+ Million Verified Businesses 450+ Data Partners

Identity Platform Verify Your World With a Global Identity Platform

Build, launch and optimize customized onboarding workflows with a fully integrated, end-to-end identity platform.

Solution - Workflow Studio

Person Match Simplify AML and KYC Compliance Across the Globe

Online identity verification poses increasingly complex AML and KYC compliance challenges. Person Match provides a sophisticated solution with a global network of data partners, agile identity verification, and AI and machine learning to help you meet regulations anywhere in the world.

Solution - Person Match

Utility Data Accelerate Proof of Address Compliance

Utility Data is a fast, low-friction, easy-to-integrate service for Proof of Address compliance. Eliminate manual document review and connect to more than 2,200 utility providers around the world to confirm the name and address on bills and records.

Solution - Utility Data

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Finding Value in the Global Identity Verification Market

Survey the landscape of identity verification options to gain a clearer picture of the total cost of ownership.

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Why Choose Trulioo?

Customize Identity Verification
Adapt to regulations based on industry, region and transaction amounts. Pick the verification steps that help you onboard more customers while reducing manual reviews and maintaining compliance.
Add Certainty With Identity Document Verification
Automate verification of more than 11,800 ID document types around the world to reduce risk and enhance customer onboarding.
Increase Verification Rates
With global coverage bolstered by advanced technology, verify even thin-file customers. Improve verification match rates without jeopardizing the customer experience.

You’re in Good Company

Join the companies that have achieved global success with Trulioo.

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