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Find the Perfect Match: Accelerate Customer Onboarding With Layered Identity Verification

Accelerate customer onboarding

A layered identity verification strategy can hold the key to efficient customer onboarding that prioritizes the user experience while defending against fraud, according to the “Dynamic Duo” white paper from Trulioo. 

By layering data source and document verification in a single workflow, companies can streamline customer onboarding, enhance security and maintain compliance anywhere in the world.

It Takes Two: Data and Documents

Data source verification, which compares personally identifiable information to local and global data sources, provides a low-friction user experience. But for companies with more complex Know Your Customer requirements, relying on a single identity verification capability may not always be sufficient.

That’s where identity document verification comes in. It offers an extra layer of assurance by verifying government-issued documents and using biometrics to compare the image on the document to a selfie. 

But companies don’t need to settle on one verification technique. Layered identity verification helps balance security and speed to fortify a customer base.

Leverage a Global Identity Platform

An identity platform with a stack of verification techniques can set the stage for an optimized user experience. Trulioo empowers organizations to tailor customer onboarding to different risk profiles through a drag-and-drop, no-code verification workflow builder. 

With the power of an agile identity platform, companies can easily adjust workflows to keep pace with the ebb and flow of a digital economy.

The Role of Layered Identity Verification 

An integrated identity verification platform can enable businesses to operate with confidence in the digital world. Secure, trusted digital environments don’t necessarily rely on a single technique but rather a blend of data source matching and identity document verification with biometrics. 

That layered approach can be an indispensable tool in creating customized user experiences that fuel long-term business growth. 

Accelerate customer onboarding

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The Dynamic Duo: Data and Document Verification Fuel Refined Onboarding

Learn how automated, streamlined digital identity verification can be a critical factor in meeting customer expectations for fast, secure and convenient onboarding experiences.