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Build Certainty in Customer Onboarding: Best Practices for Identity Document Verification

Identity Document Verification

April 11, 2023  

As fraud, identity theft and changing regulatory requirements create new hurdles, companies are more often prioritizing identity document verification to ensure onboarding security and efficiency.

Document verification, though, can present challenges in speed, global coverage and IT resources. Companies can overcome those challenges with a global identity platform that enables an agile, layered strategy of identity and document verification to onboard the right customers, according to the Mastering Document Verification white paper.

Simplify Operations

Organizations often use a combination of identity verification methods to meet their business needs. The challenge lies in blending those techniques into a cohesive workflow because disjointed processes can create workflow oversights, opening the door to bad actors and slowing down customer onboarding.

The Trulioo identity platform empowers businesses to combine verification workflows in a customizable, no-code environment. The layered verification approach gives businesses direct operational control, enabling them to create strategic processes tailored to their unique requirements anywhere in the world.

Layered Identity Verification 

The Trulioo identity platform offers easy integration and streamlines individual and business verification. Organizations can visualize a customer’s journey through onboarding that might start with simple identity verification and then cascade to document and biometrics if the person or transaction triggers preset risk thresholds. 

Layered verification can create a smooth, secure user experience, bolstering customer trust.

Understanding Document Verification 

Identity document verification can give businesses the onboarding certainty they need in a digital economy. When organizations apply a layered verification approach through one agile platform, they can confidently mitigate fraud, meet regulatory compliance and onboard the right customers.

With the right verification tools, companies can build a competitive edge and thrive in an ever-changing digital economy.

Identity Document Verification

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