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Achieve strong compliance while delivering the best digital experience.

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Digital transformation for onboarding through one integration.

Keeping up with changes in regulations, as well as the evolving technologies designed to help maintain compliance, is a big challenge.

And because the customer’s experience during onboarding has such an impact on sign-up rates, verification needs to be as quick and easy as possible.

The banking industry is future-proofing their compliance and fraud prevention systems with GlobalGateway to advance digital identity verification, now and in the future, with just one integration.

Whether you’re verifying individuals or businesses, identity data or ID documents, in one market or dozens, our identity network intelligence delivers the best protection from risk.

The GlobalGateway identity network offers a holistic identity verification solution through one contract and one API. That’s all it takes to stay ahead of regulatory and technology changes, because Trulioo does the work for you.


Make a digital shift that’s good for your bank and your customers.

Be compliant
A risk-based approach to AML and CTF regulations means the right level of due diligence, even across borders.

Onboard quickly
Cut down on friction with automated digital workflows. Build customer loyalty with a good first impression.

Reduce fraud
Stop bad actors from opening or taking over accounts — make sure your customers are who they say they are.

Why GlobalGateway is the best choice for banking?

Embrace global markets

Break out of the silos that restrict your bank from operating across borders. Give every division direct access to worldwide verification. With over 400 data sources and services in our identity network, GlobalGateway offers superior planet-wide coverage (contact us for details).

Maximize your return

The Trulioo team is committed to helping you get the most value from your investment in digital identity verification. By improving our technology, adding new partners and leveraging our experience and network intelligence, we’re continually optimizing your results.

Onboard more good customers

When you verify identities in real time, with streamlined collection of data and images, you’ll get more people completing the onboarding process. Risk-based workflows let you calibrate for the right level of security with the least amount of friction.

Protect your reputation

Identity verification isn’t just about avoiding penalties and bad publicity. It’s about demonstrating to customers that your bank can be trusted to safeguard their privacy, secure their assets against fraud and prevent money laundering.

Case study: banking

With increased speed and convenience to onboard, the STACK app now boasts a 4.3 rating and is accessed 2.7 times daily, demonstrating strong engagement and a growing demand for a new type of personal finance platform.”



-Nicolas Dinh, COO, STACK

STACK, an alternative fintech company, leverages GlobalGateway during the member onboarding process to verify the identity of members and meet AML, KYC and FINTRAC requirements. “As we continue to grow, a fast, reliable and seamless identification process during account opening is critical.”