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Vetting UBO Integrity in a Post-Pandora Risk Landscape

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What beneficial ownership means for financial institutions under 6AMLD and the CTA

As regulatory oversight expands and Anti-Money Laundering penalties intensify globally, financial institutions (FIs) looking to navigate the new world of UBO regulation must grasp how regulators define and govern beneficial ownership under 6AMLD and the CTA.

FIs must also understand the nuances of the Customer Due Diligence (CDD) lifecycle for onboarding and monitoring business relationships.

This white paper explores:

  • The enhanced liability FIs face under 6AMLD for financial crime violations
  • The complications of UBO throughout the EU
  • Best practices for verifying beneficial ownership in response to 6AMLD
  • How the power of next-generation identity verification technology can mitigate the risk of financial crime