IMTC USA  2017

Trulioo is looking forward to participating at the 2017 USA International Money Transfer & Payments Conference (IMTC). Industry participants will converge to discuss fintech innovation trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry. The conference will be held amidst the excitement of the innovations coming to the cross-border market, the anxiety of agent-based, cash-dependent firms and the hopes of new horizons in Bank-NBFI (non-bank financial institution) relationships, in this new-phase of the derisking crisis.

Nathan SooHoo, Corporate Development & Strategic Partnerships at Trulioo will be participating in two panel discussions at IMTC USA this year, which is being held at The Park Central San Francisco (50 3rd St, San Francisco, CA) on June 12-14, 2017.

PANEL: The Future of Identitytech in the Money Transfer Industry

June 13 at 4.30pm

Panelists will discuss the state of the services offered and hot issues, such as senders vs beneficiaries, and how to deal with illegal immigrants.

PANEL: Complimentary Fintech Services for Money Transfer Companies

June 14 at 10am

Panelists will discuss the latest trends in money services businesses (and other services) that have been developed (or could be developed) by fintech startups.

About IMTC

IMTC is a forum of the Money Transfer industry, a forum of people involved in providing cross-border financial services, such as Money Transfer Operators (MTOs), Banks and Mobile Operators involved in financial services (MMOs), and a large array of institutions, brick-and-mortar or digital first, for-profit and non-profit, that provide services along migration corridors, to people or companies, personal or commercial, formal or informal. Some might be designated as remittances, payments, international compensation of employees, etc.

Globally, the Money Transfer Industry is very large and diverse but very scattered across all countries with partnerships interconnecting the networks, some very mature and regulated (and even over-regulated) to some that are emerging and maybe under-regulated, full of innovative solution builders and leading-edge entrepreneurs. Invigorated by technology developments, new services are emerging and the RemTECH Awards have been launched in 2017 to boost innovations in the remittance space!

IMTC USA 2017 is happening in San Francisco June 12 – 14, 2017. To attend, register here.