System and Data Integrations Build Powerful End-to-End Verification on a Single Platform

Platform Integrations - overview

Global identity verification is complex. It’s even more complicated when relying on multiple vendors and systems to manage and update. We make it easy to connect third-party services like Salesforce or DocuSign into your workflow built in one comprehensive, end-to-end platform.


Operational Expansion

Easily connect to native, first- and third-party services and trusted global data partners to build country, use case or and compliance-specific workflows primed for market expansion.


Smooth Onboarding

Interconnected verification helps spot the security gaps that a legacy solution might miss. Reduce friction and pave the way for a streamlined onboarding experience.


Fast Verification

With real-time access to global data sources and drag-and-drop workflows customized to your needs, our comprehensive suite of capabilities accelerates customer identity verification.

195+ countries covered 5+ billion potential customers 700+ million verifiable entities 450+ data partners

Risk Based Approach Customize Workflows

Reduce the cost of onboarding by avoiding unnecessary checks and reverification. Our platform has built-in intelligence that provides customizable rules and risk thresholds based on your specific needs.

Solution - On-Device SDK

Insights and Information Reduce Fraud Risk

With a bird’s eye view of your verification process, it’s easier to spot and stop bad actors. Gain insights into fraudulent activity by monitoring transaction volumes, performance and identity match rates per market.

Bad Actors

Build Trust Easily Adjust to Market Changes

Make and integrate workflow changes in minutes. The intuitive drag-and-drop workflow builder makes it easy to adjust to regulatory changes and create a verification process customers can trust.

Solution - Workflow Studio
Integrate the Tools and Systems That Matter Most to You

Our flexible platform makes it simple to connect to external systems.

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Solution Sheet

Trulioo Integrations

Integrate All Your Verification Products and Data Into a Comprehensive Platform

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Why Choose Trulioo?

Superior Global Coverage

Verify globally by connecting to more than 450 data sources across 195 countries.

Reliable, Rapid Results

Leverage artificial intelligence insights to streamline your processes and power identity verification.

Strict Data Privacy

Trulioo follows privacy regulations and maintains ISO 27001 certification. We require our partners to meet the same standards.

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