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Identity verification in Ireland 

Identity verification in Ireland 

January 12, 2022  

Trulioo has now enhanced its identity verification services in Ireland across Trulioo GlobalGateway. For companies looking to expand to or within the European Union (EU), the Republic of Ireland has numerous advantages:

  • A low corporate tax rate
  • Robust infrastructure and legal systems
  • After Brexit, it’s the only predominantly English-speaking country in the EU.

According to a Site Selection report, Ireland’s business-friendly approach helps place it 6th in the ‘Global Best to Invest” rankings. It has become a noted technology hub and serves as the European headquarters of many major technology brands and Internet companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, PayPal, Yahoo and eBay.

The market of five million people is notoriously difficult to address and penetrate; Ireland doesn’t have a traditional credit system, such as in North America or the UK. As a full member of the EU, it has strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) privacy standards and updated Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) requirements. Using Ireland as a launchpad for EU activities helps provide a solid base to refine strategies while doing business in an innovative and approachable market.

Identity verification services in Ireland

The expanded identity services offered by Trulioo include a host of data sets unique to Ireland, providing deeper visibility and enabling organizations to reliably verify attributes like age, identity and address within the parameters of data privacy laws like the GDPR. Another advantage is the significant improvement for AML watchlist capabilities, thanks to fuller Director and Shareholder data sets

Steve Munford, CEO, Trulioo, states, “We continue to seek out the most optimal partners to meet the evolving needs of our customers around the world. We’re thrilled to expand Trulioo’s coverage in Ireland to facilitate improved digital onboarding for a consumer market of over 5 million people.”

Trulioo has extensive knowledge of the market in Ireland. Trulioo’s Dublin office, established in 2018, has positioned the company to serve its vast customer base in EMEA directly. For companies looking to get a foothold in Ireland or scale their EU presence, Trulioo has direct expertise in onboarding customers quickly, effectively and compliantly.