Have you ever heard the term cyber-event? When you put the term in context with FinCEN (United States Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), you know an “event” is a big deal, a significant threat. With the ongoing expansion of cyber-events and cyber-enabled crime, governments have no choice but to create more controls to

May you live in interesting times. Sounds nice, but it’s actually a Chinese curse; interesting implies eventful and eventful is not always good. Considering how eventful 2016 was, we’re in store for a turbulent, dramatic year with a whole lot of changes. While no one has a crystal ball, we can make some predictions for

Top 10 RegTech Conferences in 2017

Tuesday, 03 January 2017

Silicon Republic defined RegTech as the “marriage of new technology and regulation” and is referred to as the “key to facilitating the delivery of regulatory requirements.” As an example, the Markets in Financial Instruments repealing Directive (MiFID II) in 2018 will add more requirements tied to technologies and the relationships between service providers and users

Yesterday, we reviewed the first part of 2016 in regards to changes in the technology, innovation and regulatory landscape for the online identity industry. Continuing on, here’s what happened in the last half of the year. July In July 2016, FinCEN (The U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), enacted new rules to close loopholes

Infographic – The Rise of RegTech

Wednesday, 07 December 2016

Ever see a monster movie, where the monster rises slowly out of the water? At first, it doesn’t seem like much, but then the true scale is revealed. At that point you sure don’t want to be on the wrong side of the monster! Currently, the full scale of RegTech (Regulation Technology) is mostly hidden

Compliance is Only First Step for RegTech

Tuesday, 06 December 2016

When thinking about RegTech, regulations are the first thought. It’s right there in the name! The practical application is compliance, allowing companies to ease the burden of gathering data and then analyzing, monitoring, reporting and recording that data to ensure the company is following the law. There’s a whole host of financial regulations already in

Payment Services Directive 2 will increase innovation and competition in the European payment industry I’ll trade you a cow for some bushels of wheat. No, you only need a bit of cow? Fortunately, innovation in payments has brought us way beyond this old school method of conducting trade, however, significant problems still exist. High fees, fraud,

We often hear a chorus of criticism relating to the compliance function. How do you define success? Some of this is the result of a political backlash. Chief compliance officers are the darlings in the corporate governance world, and there are forces aligned to challenge the importance of the compliance function. There are a number

Creating a strong FCPA compliance program — performing due diligence, knowing your customer, partners and suppliers and implementing ongoing monitoring procedures — protects your business and is a smart, ethical business strategy. Grease the wheels. Under the table. Kickback, payola or hush money. It’s telling that we have so many terms for bribery; whatever name