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GlobalGateway Updates

4.1 Release Notes

At a high level, GlobalGateway 4.1 will introduce:

  • An updated eIDV Analytics dashboard
  • Built-in AI and machine learning-driven data optimization features
  • Additional data sources to improve country coverage for both Business and Identity Verification
  • UI and UX upgrades across multiple products

Customer Portal

IDV Analytics Dashboard

The latest update to the GlobalGateway C-Portal provides Trulioo customers with the ability to view critical decision-making analytics for their identity verification transactions, in a new clean and intuitive dashboard. The dashboard includes:

  • The total verification rate and transaction volume, as well as the percent change in volume and verification rates compared to the previous time period
  • The ability to see the data sources for each country under corresponding tiers, as well as transaction volumes and verification rates per data source tier
  • An age chart and table that shows different age brackets and the verification rate for each age bracket, enabling decision-making around additional sources that target specific age demographics

  • A table that shows transaction volume and verification rates side by side, configurable for a given time period, allowing customers to see if dips in performance are due to low volumes
  • Data regarding the percentage of transactions containing missing required fields, which directly impact verification rates
  • The ability to download charts in PNG and PDF formats, as well as tables in CSV format
  • Filters for country and time periods that apply to the entire page 
  • Information about local data market landscape, data types, matching of specific fields and regulations in most of the countries configured

Identity Verification

Introducing TruMatch

TruMatch is the proprietary matching engine of Trulioo, built to enhance the GlobalGateway Identity Verification process. Applying AI and Machine Learning algorithms to ‘fuzzy’ match results, it uses Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning to normalize variations in inputs and optimize them for matching. With TruMatch, GlobalGateway will verify more users in a single action, reducing abandonment and the cost per acquisition. Ultimately with TruMatch, GlobalGateway Identity verification delivers a smoother onboarding experience – one that ensures false negatives become true positives.

TruMatch is currently enabled for countries with hard-to-match fields, providing substantial uplift in verification rates across:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United States

Trulioo customers with TruMatch enabled can expect verification rates to increase for Name and Address fields. TruMatch is free for all customers.

Data source coverage

Trulioo is happy to announce it now has substantial increases in data source coverage for:

  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • South Korea
  • Sweden
  • USA

Document Verification

New Loading Status Notification Screen

This new development in Trulioo Document Verification empowers our clients to define the end-user’s experience and actions while the document verification session starts. This gives the client the opportunity to present any loyalty marketing content, advertising or company messaging while the session loads.

In addition, in the event of a failure, the client can provide additional directions for the end-user to follow.

Business Verification

Standardized fields for improved reporting and customer automation

Trulioo customers will now benefit from a set of standardized fields returned with Business Verification results. These standardized fields customers can expect more predictable and uniform responses, even if the underlying sources use varying terminology in their systems. Our new standardized field validation will allow our customers to clearly interpret Business Verification results across all countries and jurisdictions, build streamlined internal processes based on consistent responses, and integrate data from any source, without worrying about different field names.

Improved Tax number support for U.S.

A new EIN-based datasource integrated into GlobalGateway now provides better performance, and allows customers to conduct more effective business verification on the basis of US EIN.

Improved address support in multiple countries

Trulioo has enhanced address support for D&B, Government Registries and Public Records (*some countries not supported). Customers now have the ability to support the input of two separate addresses as part of the same business verification request, ex. registered as well as operational addresses. When a second address is populated, the existing address matching logic is automatically applied to the secondary Address fields.