Scale your identity and business verification
processes across the world with one API

Scale your identity and business verification processes across the world with one API

One solution, a wide range of uses

From compliance to fraud prevention, GlobalGateway helps
organizations in many ways.


Our vast network of data partnerships allows you to access hundreds of identity data sources across the world. Don’t rely on one or two data sources alone; cross-reference your customer’s information with multiple identity data sources, enhancing trust in your identity verification process. Onboard new customers with confidence and assurance.   


Effortlessly comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Ease your customer due diligence process by switching from manual and time-consuming workflows to real-time and instant electronic identity verification.  

Fraud Prevention

Use active data available with dozens of mobile network operators to add an extra layer of fraud prevention and authentication during customer onboarding. Keep fraudulent actors at bay by screening customers against AML watchlists, including law enforcement and governing regulatory bodies’ lists. 


GlobalGateway tracks every identity verification match that you run, keeping an audit trail. When you need to run an audit or produce detailed reports of your verifications, you can access details of your past transactions quickly and easily.

A Global Marketplace for Identity Solutions

Pick and choose from Trulioo’s marketplace of identity data and services to satisfy your business needs.
Our marketplace helps businesses meet compliance requirements, mitigate fraud risks, and increase trust and safety online.

Trulioo’s marketplace continues to expand, encompassing the most trusted data partners and identity service
providers in the world. If you would like to be a data partner, learn more about our marketplace today.

Trusted & Robust Data Sources

Get secure access to over 400 unique and reliable data sources across
the world, including emerging markets that lack identity data.
Our identity data sources cover five billion people and
330 million businesses

Mobile & Devices

Access over 1.8 billion identities from leading Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) worldwide. Using MNO data in conjunction with traditional data, adds an extra layer of trust to enhance your identity verification and fraud prevention processes.

Credit Bureaus

Get secure access to information from registered credit bureaus or agencies, which manages credit information and history within a given country.

Official Business Registers

Business intelligence on 250 million business across 80 countries, including official company documents, shareholder information and ultimate beneficial ownership (UBO) structure etc.

Public Records

Voter registration, census, resident files, property titles, marriage license, court dockets and bankruptcy filing records.

National ID

Government collated and issued data for countries that  have a singular, national identification system with an associated number.


Match against passport, driver’s license and citizenship files from government agencies.


Cross-reference customer information against personally identifiable information from banks.


Access customer records from hundreds of cable, hydro/electricity, gas and telephone companies.

Consumer Marketing

Access opt-in consumer marketing information from thousands of agencies, including name, address, telephone and email.

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“Trulioo enables automated identity verification at scale with effortless integration. After deploying Trulioo’s API, we have successfully expedited application processing time and eliminated the overhead of manual review process. We see faster response times and a greater number of applications being processed”

— Rajib Deysarkar, Technical Manager at IG Group