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GlobalGateway Updates

Latest Release Notes – Version 4.3

Core Services


Customers using mTLS can now opt in to receive reminder email notifications before their mTLS client certificates expire through the Customer Portal. 

Customers using mTLS can now choose to enforce mTLS across their organization through the Customer Portal. This means that any API connections made by the organization without a valid Trulioo client certificate will fail. This is an opt-in feature for clients to avail of and is not enforced on the Trulioo side.

Identity Verification

New Data Source additions

New Data Sources are available for the following countries:

  • Germany – New citizen source
  • Ireland – Consumer source with EIRCODE (Postal Code) – improved address uplift

UtilityID utility bill download 

UtilityID customers can now download a PDF copy of the utility bill used for verification. 

Download report in CPortal UI

Watchlist customers can now download a Watchlist report of their search using the CPortal for documentation.

Global access

Our new Watchlist product is now present in every country on Trulioo’s platform. This allows our customers to use Watchlist and eIDV sources together around the world.

Ongoing monitoring

Our new Watchlist Product now has built-in ongoing monitoring capabilities, allowing our customers to be confident that they aren’t doing business with a sanctioned entity on a continuous basis.

Business Verification

Business Legal Form standardization

Now customers can consistently receive standardized values for the Business Legal Form. These predictable responses allow you to automate and optimize your onboarding process.

New U.S. Source

A new data source will offer improved address resolution for SMBs in the United States. 

New API endpoint for JOIs

A new tool is now available to help you understand the possible Jurisdictions of Incorporation for a given country. Use this to obtain the right information for passing in a Verification request and receiving more accurate results.

Older Updates