Data Exchange

Trulioo’s Data Exchange is a platform available to select global data partners and clients interested in providing access to customer data for electronic identity verification (eIDV) purposes. Data Exchange enables clients and partners to set bid/ask prices for eIDV on a regional basis. Our partners are put at the forefront in valuing their data used to verify global consumers. Through a single integration into our platform, help your users prove their identity on the web, while generating revenue with our marketplace monetization model. 

Data Market integration

Easy Integration Options

Real-Time  integration

Real-Time API Solution: If you have API access set up around your database, exposing the endpoint to GlobalGateway is the easiest way to work with us. We can also work with you to establish services needed to support a call by GlobalGateway.

Hosted integration

Hosted Solution: If you do not have services set up around your database, this is no problem! Trulioo securely hosts customer databases for many of our data partners around the world providing only match/no-match results to our clients.  We provide you with monthly auditable transaction and revenue reporting along with your payment.

$100,000 Developer Fund!

Are you a startup or mobile app developer looking to partner with Trulioo? We offer up to $5,000 in funding to developers. Contact us to learn more!