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Inspiring the future — Trulioo supports Scientists and Innovators in Schools (SIS)


February 6, 2020  

Scientists and Innovators in Schools (SIS)

The world is going high tech. As a result, there’s an increasing need for scientists, engineers, technologists, technicians, creative technology professionals and innovators. In British Columbia, Science World runs an initiative to enhance existing student programs to include coding and computational thinking. The initiative, Science and Innovators in Schools (SIS), is part of Tech-Up, which aims to inspire students with exciting in-school presentations by career mentors and to make sure that everyone, regardless of background, location and family income, has access to the wonders of science.

Trulioo is very honored to support this important cause by providing a cash donation, as well as volunteer time. Trulioo employees will volunteer during working hours to mentor students with innovative topics and engaging in-class activities and presentations. Inclusion is a core value for Trulioo, and we understand that supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education will help future generations with financial inclusion and will help build a progressive community.

Our volunteer mentors will use prepared workshop modules and customize their own workshops to highlight their specific expertise and career paths, while meeting learning outcomes for coding, computational thinking and digital skills. The aim is to spark curiosity and open minds to the real world of STEM careers and inform students and teachers about current developments.

Trulioo volunteers come from a diverse team of mentors in various career streams. Mentors with technical roles such as IT, Development, Product and R&D are well represented. In addition, mentors from Marketing, People and Culture, and Compliance, which also have requirements for STEM knowledge, will also provide their expertise. The opportunities in STEM fields are wide ranging, and it’s important for students to understand the scope of possibilities available through studying those areas.

Our mentors are thrilled to help students from kindergarten to Grade 12 learn more about the science that they do on a daily basis, what motivated them to pursue a career in their respective fields, the impact they are making in the world, and some of the tools and equipment they use, as well as topical lessons.

It’s an excellent opportunity to give back, help inspire students to make choices that can lead to amazing careers, and learn from this enriching experience. We fully support our mentors and the SIS program in inspiring the next generation of STEM professionals.