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Accelerate Onboarding With Customized Workflows

Workflow builder for identity verification

February 9, 2023  

Organizations that optimize customer onboarding can accelerate growth, achieve compliance across borders and meet customer expectations for speed and convenience.

Traditionally, that hasn’t been an easy task. Creating and adjusting workflows, which are customer onboarding and regulatory compliance processes, can be time-consuming, costly and manually intensive. When businesses have to coordinate multiple vendors and point solutions for identity verification, business verification and watchlist screening across multiple markets, they risk delays, errors and inefficiencies.

Those inflexible and complex integrations can lead to customer abandonment, missed fraud threats and compliance failures.

The Benefits of a Workflow Builder

The Trulioo Workflow Studio helps businesses optimize and automate customer verification and compliance processes to accelerate time to market and meet customer onboarding expectations.

Workflow Studio enables companies to quickly build workflows that match any compliance or onboarding needs. The visual drag-and-drop, no-code/low-code interface helps companies easily create and adjust workflows while bypassing manual, time-consuming work that drains development resources.

With Workflow Studio, businesses can combine multiple verification capabilities into configurable, optimized workflows. The tool enables easy access to individual and business verification, watchlist screening, fraud prevention and other services that enhance performance, minimize risk and ensure compliance.

It takes only minutes to create workflows tailored to specific countries, use cases, regulations or risk-based approaches. The intuitive visual interface simplifies managing multiple workflows and provides the flexibility to fine-tune processes.

Trusted AML and KYC Workflows

Complying with Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and other regulations is challenging for global organizations. Entering new markets requires understanding regulations, creating strategies and deploying compliant systems.

Trulioo provides pre-built workflows for any level of KYC and AML compliance. With proven, time-tested workflows created by trusted identity experts, organizations get a head start for compliance in any market.

As regulations change, organizations often struggle to adjust their workflows to keep up. The Trulioo platform helps companies avoid that constant drain on development resources by adapting to new regulations or market shifts in minutes.

Companies can easily configure rules to meet a wide range of criteria and dynamically route users based on country, inputs and results. With precise control over every onboarding experience, companies can optimize the journey for good customers while preventing bad actors from gaining access.

Optimizing Experiences and Mitigating Risk

Enhancing the customer experience and improving back-end processes are not set-and-forget operations. People, markets and regulations are constantly changing and need continual attention.

Workflow Studio has built-in, real-time analytics and automated, artificial intelligence-driven insights to improve workflows. Those tools provide detailed customer and workflow reports for analysis and audits.

Businesses can quickly test and adjust workflows with ongoing monitoring. Easy integrations and a single API connecting to multiple data sources allow A/B testing and optimization to unblock onboarding bottlenecks.

Trulioo experts are available every step of the way to continually refine workflows.

A Single Customer Journey Platform

Creating smooth, low-friction experiences for customers has benefits that resonate across the organization.

Enhanced onboarding helps build a solid first impression with customers and goes a long way toward developing long-term, trusted relationships.

Workflows that balance speed and security show customers that their safety and privacy are top priorities. That can lead to less onboarding abandonment, a broader customer base and repeat business.

For staff, more control over processes and fewer manual reviews free up time to focus on growth opportunities. Automating and simplifying workflow management also helps staff prioritize that manual reviews truly require additional due diligence.

Simple low-code and no-code options enable easy integration with any system architecture. That reduces the burden on developers and can accelerate time to market.

Workflow Studio enables secure, compliant global expansion. The Trulioo platform makes it easier to enter new markets without time-consuming vetting, contracting and integration. With one contract and one integration, companies can confidently turn their growth ambition into reality.

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