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Don’t Stop Verifyin’: a Trulioo parody music video about financial inclusion

Parody music video - Don't Stop Verifyin'
Parody music video - Don't Stop Verifyin'

During COVID-19, our lives have become increasingly digital. And fraudsters have taken advantage of this shift: 86% of consumers have this year been the victim of identity theft, card fraud or a data breach. Identity verification is a key element in detecting and preventing online fraud.

To help highlight the importance of this global issue in a fun and memorable way, we decided to create another video in our successful parody music video series. This fourth video is a parody of the hit song “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey.

The lyrics for Don’t Stop Verifyin’ speak to the need to verify people all around the world. With digital identities, trust is enabled and fraud is reduced, allowing people to gain access to essential services like remittances, business loans, healthcare, government funding and online programs.

Without identity verification, these opportunities (which many take for granted) are often lost. Verifying allows people to build financial security for themselves and their families, to grow as people and to help build a better world for all of us.

Don’t stop verifyin’; let’s build trust online for everyone — because everyone is someone.

Behind the scenes

COVID-19 presented challenges for traditional filming, so the Trulioo marketing team had to come up with an innovative way to produce the video in the age of a pandemic. The idea was inspired by the video originally aired on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Jimmy Fallon, the original Hamilton cast and The Roots sing “Helpless” along with the viral video of celebrities singing John Lennon’s “Imagine” at the beginning of the pandemic. However, we opted for lip-syncing instead to encourage more participation.

Video is a medium that lets us be a bit more creative and innovative in our approach to industry topics. The message of enabling everyone to have access to basic financial services is part of our mission statement to help build trust, privacy and financial inclusion. It’s a mission that we are passionate about, as we know the work we do has real impacts on people around the world.

It might only be one verification for a business — but for the person getting verified, it might enable them to open their first bank account. Or, it might be the first step in getting a loan t to grow their business. Or, maybe it allows them to get onto a platform where they offer their talents to a worldwide audience.

It’s about improving the lives of themselves and their families, increasing their access to opportunities and helping enable them to follow through on their dreams.

Workin’ hard to fulfill their dreams
Identity is the key
We’ll use it to build trust online, every day
Some are daughters, some are sons
Everyone is someone
Oh, the stories never end
It goes on and on, and on, and on

Friendly faces
All around the whole wide world
No longer searching in the night
From the shadows
Thrivin’ on their new inclusion
Out there living their best life

Don’t stop verifyin’
Hold on to that feelin’

Thank you to everybody who participated

We appreciate the support and encouragement from all who were involved in the video!

List of participants


Sam Maule11:FS@sammauleSam Maule 
Jas RandhawaStripe@jasr789Jas R. 
Barb MacLeanCelero@barbmacleanBarb MacLean 
Chris SkinnerThe Finanser@Chris_SkinnerChris Skinner 
Emma LindleyWomen in Identity@EmLindleyEmma L. 
Ali PatersonFintech Finance@AliPatersonAli Paterson 
Chloe ButlerFintech Finance@ChloeBu94Chloe Butler 
Alicia CloseWomen in Tech World@Alicia_CloseAlicia Close 
Steven RamirezBeyond the Arc@beyondthearcSteven Ramirez 
Sue BrittonFinTech Growth Syndicate@SueBrittonFGSSue Britton 
Neira JonesAdvisor & International Speaker@neirajonesNeira Jones 
Dion LisleFACERE25@dionlisleDion Lisle 
Toly Kvitnitsky @tolykvitnitsky  

Trulioo members:

Julius Dagot, Stan Trubin, Teresa Prouting, Kim Hong, Steve Munford, Jane Van Sickle, Steve Ufford, Tanis Jorge, Kate Shastakova, Galena Bozik, Steve Reynolds, Amanda Zheng, Zac Cohen, Michael Fisher, Willis Pommier, Judy Ha

Hopefully, you enjoy the video! Check out the other parody videos Trulioo has created. If you have any suggestions or ideas for the next parody video, please let us know in the video comments, or post to our social media.