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A return to normal or a new digital era?

Digitalization in business

July 14, 2021  

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has brought about significant changes. One of the most affected areas has been around business digitalization and all the new processes and opportunities it makes possible. But are all these digital changes a temporary reaction to the global situation we’re facing, or is it a tipping point that will fundamentally change the way we do business?

When offices open up, will people readily return or prefer to work remotely? Will companies push to get back together or will remote work become the new norm? And what about remote hiring, onboarding and training programs — will the benefits of in-person collaboration and culture building be negatively impacted in the long term by a shift to a remote workforce?

As almost every aspect of economic life and business operations has experienced necessary transformation, how various workers, teams and companies make decisions on critical business processes going forward will have a long-lasting impact. Now is the time to thoughtfully consider the options and ramifications of how best to digitalize and reimagine modern work.

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How should we make digitalization stick?

Wednesday, July 21, 11:50 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. (EDT)

Speakers: Aparna Sharma – IBM, Vanessa Colella – Citi, Steve Munford – Trulioo

We’ve all read how COVID-19 was a leading driver of digitalization efforts in companies across the globe. And while many businesses made serious efforts to modernize in response to the pandemic and its associated effects, are we sure it will stick? How can we take new capabilities and mindsets created in reaction to sudden change and transform them into a company’s DNA? Don’t miss the chance to hear the C-Suite open up about how they plan to make digitalization go from a reaction to a cultural habit.

Some of the topics include:

  • What changes has your organization had to make, and what were some of the most positive highlights?
  • How has your company changed the way it assesses the delivery of products and value to customers?
  • What parts of your innovation process withstood the volatility, and what parts needed to be changed?

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