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Meet the newest Trulioo board member: Lisa Stanton

Lisa Stanton

February 4, 2020  

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Yesterday we announced a new addition to our board of directors, Lisa Stanton. 

Lisa comes to Trulioo with a very strong background: she is currently leading enterprise strategy at American Express, and before that she was CEO at InAuth, a digital intelligence company that analyzes device and associated identities to ensure trust across digital channels. Prior to InAuth, she was the founder of the U.S. division of Monitise, a mobile banking and payments platform for hundreds of banks and credit unions, and she spent 17 years at Citizens Financial Group in a variety of leadership roles.

Lisa is joining our board at a critical time: as digital technologies continue to expand across the globe to near ubiquity, online trust remains low and digital fraud continues to tick higher. To boot, an estimated 2 billion people remain underbanked, limiting their ability to tap into the global economy, a right that many of us take for granted. The case for identity and business verification has never been stronger.

With the addition of Lisa to our already impressive board, we believe Trulioo is best positioned to help digital businesses navigate the trust, privacy and inclusion that are threatened in today’s global economy. 

We spoke with Lisa about her appointment to the Trulioo board, the opportunities she sees for Trulioo and the future of the identity verification landscape.

Trulioo: First off, welcome to Trulioo! Why did you join the board?  

Lisa: I’ve known Stephen for years and really admire what he’s built with Trulioo since he and Tanis founded the company in 2011. I’ve always admired Trulioo from afar; when I was at InAuth, Trulioo operated in a complementary focus area — identity verification for financial institutions — and I considered Trulioo to be the most innovative company in the space and way ahead of the competition. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with Stephen and the rest of the leadership team.

Trulioo: What will you be doing as part of your role on the board?  

Lisa: As an independent board member I will be focused on helping set direction and strategy for the company, both short term and long term. The significant experience I bring to Trulioo as a CEO of a startup company will, I hope, be of value to the Trulioo leadership team as it continues to grow and expand across the globe and into new markets. When entering a new role, I always try to take advantage of past experiences to help direct and influence the right decisions at the right times. This is the approach I will take as a member of the Trulioo board.

Trulioo: You’ve been working in identity verification for some time. What opportunities do you see in the space?  

Lisa: At no time in history has it been this critical that global businesses deploy digital identity and risk mitigation solutions to protect their current and/or future customers. While internet access is steadily climbing and geographic borders are blurring for businesses and citizens, digital fraud and identity theft are beginning to threaten trust and privacy online. Not to mention the fact that many people who lack traditional forms of ID documentation cannot access basic financial services.

These challenges pave a very clear path and opportunity for identity and business verification services Trulioo offers. 

Trulioo: What opportunities do you see for Trulioo specifically?  

Lisa: Building on the previous answer, Trulioo has the best opportunity to become the global go-to destination for ensuring accurate identity verification, as well as becoming more deeply entrenched in reducing risk and fraud for the future. Trulioo has a head start, having done this for nearly a decade, and its unique identity networks and marketplace model of identification are clearly the best way to ensure comprehensive identity capabilities the first time a client is seen and every time that client returns. The depth and breadth of data that Trulioo collects and incorporates into the network has led it to become best in class in a key trust area. 

Trulioo: What are your thoughts on the Trulioo mission to verify the globe?  

Lisa: I think it’s an ambitious yet achievable goal, just the way they should be. I agree with Trulioo that a critical component to maintaining trust, privacy and inclusion online is through the ability to accurately verify the identity of anyone attempting to conduct business. The Trulioo marketplace model unique to GlobalGateway is the industry’s best bet to achieving this lofty mission.

Trulioo: What expertise will you bring to advancing the Trulioo mission?  

Lisa: For the past five years I have been working in the digital risk mitigation space, working with some of the largest banks in the world. As Trulioo looks to further expand to verify the globe, and with its extension into risk and fraud solutions, I am confident that I can help bring the needs of big financial institutions to the product expansion and go-to-market strategies required to achieve its mission.

Trulioo: You’ve been working in banking and finance for years; what new challenges are financial institutions facing now that they didn’t 10 or 20 years ago?  

Lisa: The companies that Trulioo serves, including financial institutions, have understood that digital identification is opening the door to expanded, more personal relationships with their target customers. We need to continue to anticipate their needs as their demands evolve, as services expand, and as security, risk, fraud and identification remain of utmost importance in every solution they deliver.

We’re thrilled to welcome Lisa to the Trulioo board and are excited to continue what’s already been a successful 2020 with her as part of the team.