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Advancing your career — Inside the Sales Department at Trulioo

Advancing your career - Sales

December 16, 2020  

There are sales jobs at almost every company. But how valued you feel in your sales career, and how much you feel you’re contributing to organizational goals, can vary greatly. More often than not, this comes down to company culture. Culture can be a difficult thing to describe, so instead, we decided that we’d show the Trulioo culture to potential applicants.

That’s why we’re producing a series of videos featuring some of our employees to give you a first-hand impression of what it’s really like to work at Trulioo. First up is Brett Gillespie, Sales Manager, who talked about how he’s advancing his sales career with us.

Tell us about your role and about how the sales team works.

I lead part of our Vancouver Account Executive team, which is made up of Enterprise and Small and Midsize Business (SMB) execs. Our focus is on signing net new customers to Trulioo. It’s an exciting time to be part of the sales team. We’re focusing on scaling the team globally and building out different roles, including the SMB role.

This means there is a huge opportunity to be part of building something successful. On the Enterprise side, we’re focused on building a more efficient sales process that allows our customers to evaluate Trulioo while being conscious of the resources used internally.

The SMB role is completely new. There have certainly been some growing pains as we’ve built it out, but we’ve laid some solid groundwork that we’re constantly building on. In short, my role here is focused on driving revenue through scalable processes and a strong coaching model.

How has your career progressed since joining Trulioo?

I joined Trulioo as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) Manager back when the sales team was less than half the size it is now. In my first year, I focused on putting processes in place that allowed us to track our key KPIs and collect accurate data. I’ve used this data, along with our marketing team, to ensure we have optimized our lead funnel.

In addition to this, I had the opportunity to expand the SDR team globally and build out career paths for the SDRs. I was then able to step into a Sales Manager role under the leadership of our VP of Sales, Jane Van Sickle.

In this role I’m responsible for driving revenue and building out new AE roles that focus on the SMB space. My favorite part of working at Trulioo is having the opportunity to build something that is key to the organization’s growth. Trulioo has given me the opportunity to grow and advance my career.

What makes Trulioo an exciting place to work? How does the Sales Department affect and impact Trulioo as a whole?

Our product, culture and leadership team make Trulioo an exciting place to be. Every day we help customers achieve business goals and solve challenges as our economy shifts more to the digital space. In such uncertain times, we’re able to support customers to accelerate the digital transformations of their businesses.

The experience on the senior leadership team gives me the confidence that Trulioo is headed in the right direction, as all departments grow. Outside of growing our customer base, the sales team is also focused on customer expansion.

We are constantly liaising with other departments, regularly sharing insights from our contacts with prospects and customers, which directly impacts the direction of our product offerings. This is exciting because we can drive real change that positively impacts the customer experience and the direction of the organization.

On top of all this, Trulioo’s culture makes it an exciting place to be. We are certainly a technology company that comes with the regular perks of snacks, ping pong and foosball — but none of that gets in the way of our high standards and professionalism. The nature of our product means we are typically speaking to directors and executives, so it’s important that while we have fun internally, we don’t lose the professionalism needed to secure these partnerships. For me, this balance of classic tech industry perks and professionalism creates a culture I am proud of and enjoy.

What can applicants expect to experience at different stages of the interview process? Will there be technical assessments or presentations?

Our interview process is designed to allow both sides to determine if we’re a good fit for each other. Our People and Culture team is involved in the initial screening stages, before passing qualified applicants off to the management team.

During the second phase of the interview process candidates typically connect with a manager for further conversations around their experience, as well as larger career goals. The final stage of the interview process with sales involves a case study presentation and group interview. This process allows us to determine fit and gives candidates a good sense of the team and culture.

What is the team’s growth plan? How crucial is the team to the growth of the whole company?

We have more than doubled in size so far this year and continue to grow globally so that we can service our customers in their time zones. We are projecting further growth as our lead funnel grows and we focus on increasing conversion rates throughout the buyer journey. The sales team is a key driver in the growth of the company as a whole. We are responsible for all net new customers who are then taken care of by our Customer Success Team.

What is it like to work on the team?

We’re developing a very strong and positive sales culture here at Trulioo. Our team is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds that each bring unique experiences to the table. We support each other throughout the sales process with our eye on the common goal of expanding Trulioo’s customer base.

New customers are never won by one individual alone, so being able to work collaboratively with your peers and different stakeholders is critical to success. Of course, we’re a competitive bunch, so it’s important that individuals looking to join the team are hungry to succeed.

Hard work and initiative are rewarded here. As a growing team, we’re always looking for individuals who want to contribute more than just their sales number. Here at Trulioo you can make a huge impact. In short, if you’re an experienced sales professional who thrives in a team-oriented environment and is looking for a place where you can apply your past experience to impact real change and results, we should talk.

How do the leaders on your team support employee development?

Employee development is front of mind on the Trulioo sales team. In fact, we’ve had seven promotions on the team in the past quarter. We’re currently rolling out a mentorship program that pairs our SDRs with experienced account executives, to further their development.

Coaching is provided through more formal sessions, but also on the fly through call shadowing and other scenarios. Career development conversations and plans are part of one-to-one discussions. We’ve also had external sales training so that every sales team member has a strong base to build on.

Sales leadership also recognizes that the right role may be on another team. We’ve had folks join our Customer Success and Partnerships/BD teams. We are all here to advance our careers and this is a key goal of sales leaders.

Advance your career today

Thanks, Brett, for your great overview! At Trulioo, we’re on a mission to verify the globe. Our identity service helps companies transform their operations and improves people’s lives. If you’re interested in a career at Trulioo, please visit our Careers page.