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Advancing your career — inside the Marketing Department at Trulioo

Advancing your career - Marketing

March 3, 2021  

Marketing often creates the first impression someone has with a company. It might be a website visit, a Twitter or LinkedIn post, or an article or ad that helps you become aware of the company. From that first encounter on, its marketing professionals that help educate and provide materials for consideration to make a purchase decision with more confidence.

Effective marketing is about understanding people and helping them on their journey. A successful marketer needs both business skills and the know-how to use a range of tools to create interesting and useful experiences. More importantly, they need to know how to make a connection; that’s why we’re highlighting some of the Marketing Team members who help make Trulioo a success.

We’ve produced a series of videos featuring some of our employees to give you a first-hand impression of what it’s like to work at Trulioo. This blog features Mercedes Book, Director of Marketing Operations, who offered her personal take on the work environment at Trulioo.

Tell us about yourself, what’s your role at Trulioo?

The majority of my career has been in B2B marketing, both in-house and agency-side. At Trulioo, my team is responsible for demand generation for our products and optimizing our Marketing tech stack. I enjoy playing ice hockey and box lacrosse outside of work and can’t wait to get back to it when it safe to do so again.

How has your career progressed since joining Trulioo?

I joined Trulioo in August 2018, as a Marketing Manager and the team was eight people. Fast forward to now and the Marketing team has more than doubled. We could play hockey with three full lines, a goalie… and a back up goalie! (And we still have room for more folks: shameless plug for the Trulioo Career page!) During this growth, I’ve had the opportunity to move into my current role and progress my career.

How does Marketing affect and impact Trulioo as a whole?

The diversity of projects and initiatives folks have the opportunity to work on is unreal, and continues to evolve as we scale. No two days are the same, and that keeps things exciting. Marketing is the front of the revenue funnel, so our integration with other teams like Sales, Product and Customer Success helps us ensure we are getting the right fuel into the Trulioo customer pipeline.

What can applicants expect to experience as different assessment stages in the interview process?

Our goal with Marketing candidates is to ensure both sides continue to see a fit at each step of the journey. We start with an initial phone interview to further walk through the role and for both the candidate and our team to learn more about one another. This is followed by an assignment, which then leads to face-to-face interviews through Zoom, references and then finally an offer.

What is the team’s growth plan? How crucial is the team to the growth of the whole company?

There are lots of exciting growth plans coming down the pipe. Marketing has recently split into three sections: Product Marketing, Content Marketing, and Demand Generation. As our team specializes in these sections, we will continue to maximize our impact on Trulioo goals for this year and beyond through Marketing initiatives and cross-functional support to other teams.

What is it like to work on the team?

Pretty great, but I might have a slight bias! Our team thrives on curiosity and emotional intelligence. At the base of all we do, whether it’s getting to the heart of our prospects and customers’ needs, or determining how to continuously find better ways to work with one another, it’s always about people. Leading with curiosity, respect and a desire to understand is very important.

How do the leaders on your team support employee development?

During my time at Trulioo, I’ve been able to expand my responsibilities, leverage funds for professional development, attend internal training sessions, and travel internationally (pre-pandemic) to represent our company at conferences. The PATH program at Trulioo also ensures that each employee has a guide to how to advance in their respective roles.

Advance your career today

Thanks, Mercedes, for your answers! At Trulioo, we’re on a mission to verify the globe. Our identity service helps companies transform their operations and improves people’s lives. If you’re interested in a career at Trulioo, please visit our Careers page.