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Advancing your career — inside the IT & InfoSec Department at Trulioo

Advancing your career - Infosec

May 19, 2021  

Trust and privacy are core to the mission of Trulioo. Online identity verification and authentication processes need to be highly secure and protect valuable personally identifiable information.

In effect, digital identity is the outside wall that either lets good customers in or blocks bad actors out. Our clients trust us to help them meet regulatory compliance, reduce fraud and create a trusted, safe environment for online transactions and interactions.

The Information Security and Compliance (ISC) team ensures our systems meet and exceed the strictest legal and technical requirements. The field is constantly changing, with new laws and threats always presenting challenges. Keeping on top of it all requires a can-do attitude and collaboration with multiple business areas and functions. To help demonstrate this, we’ve highlighted some of the ISC team members who help make Trulioo a success.

We’ve produced a series of videos featuring some of our employees to give you a first-hand impression of what it’s like to work at Trulioo. This blog features Luiz Di Serio, Information Security and Compliance Lead, who offered his perspectives on the work environment at Trulioo.

Tell us about yourself; what is your role at Trulioo?

My interest in information security started when I was a university student taking information security and auditing classes. I quickly realized that advances in technology could make information security a high-demand career field; after all, who wouldn’t like to surf the web and not worry about bad actors trying to steal your money and data? In my role at Trulioo, I lead the ISC team.

How has your career progressed since joining Trulioo?

I joined Trulioo as an Information Assurance Analyst to help ensure continued compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, back when the ISC team was small. A year later, I was promoted to Information Security Analyst with a focus on technical projects. Now I lead the ISC team, which has more than doubled in size.

What makes Trulioo an exciting place to join? How does ISC affect and impact Trulioo?

The Trulioo mission of creating financial inclusion across the world and the daily challenges of a startup environment were the things that attracted me.

The ISC team goes above and beyond to maintain the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the information systems at Trulioo. We work closely with internal teams to ensure that information security is considered when designing processes, information systems and controls to comply with ISO/IEC 27001:2013. As a result, we have improved security for Trulioo and our customers, increased the quality of information security processes and procedures, and enhanced customer confidence and perceptions of the organization.

What can applicants expect during the interview process?

We have a three-step process that starts with an initial phone interview with a member of our People & Culture team to discuss general interests, background, experience and overall fit. Next, there’s a call with the hiring manager to get to know each other a bit and see if there could be a good fit for both sides. The last step is a video call interview with the entire ISC team, the hiring manager, and the team’s director. Candidates can expect open questions and scenario-based questions based on some of the things they could encounter while working at Trulioo.

How crucial is the team to the growth of the company?

The ISC team plays a crucial role in the growth of Trulioo by scaling the information security management system according to business needs. With Trulioo’s rapid growth, we are projecting further expansion to ensure the information security program remains aligned with the business.

What is it like to work on the team?

Challenging, is the first word that comes to mind. The ISC team is responsible for overseeing 114 security controls. They include areas like compliance, operations security and supplier relationships, to name a few. We have a team made up of talented people with different experiences, backgrounds and perspectives, so we are able to creatively problem-solve to create the best and most effective results.

How do the leaders on your team support employee development?

We have weekly one-on-one meetings with staff to discuss priorities, share feedback and work on career development. Trulioo also offers an Education and Training Reimbursement Program for education and training expenses and a career PATH Program to support employees in attaining their professional goals.

Advance your career today

Thanks, Luiz, for your answers! At Trulioo, we’re on a mission to verify the globe. Our identity service helps companies transform their operations and improves people’s lives. If you’re interested in a career at Trulioo, please visit our Careers page.