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An entrepreneur with a business idea needs capital to get their business off the ground. And unless you’re a remarkably persuasive and charming person who can sell ice to Eskimos, it’s not always the easiest to land the funding you need to start or grow a business. When applying for loans, most people would turn to traditional banks. However, a study has shown that 82% of small businesses were denied financing by their banks.

“Our Main Street Pulse Report indicates that the majority of small business owners are optimistic about the economy, but have been stalled by traditional lenders,” said Noah Breslow, chief executive officer, OnDeck.

Enter Thinking Capital, a pioneer in the lending industry who help small to medium-sized businesses obtain the funding they need to start or expand their business. With loans ranging from $5000 to $300,000, Thinking Capital is able to tailor their solution and cater to the needs of different businesses in over 300 industries. Offering both fixed and flexible financing options, they provide business owners full control of funding and financing on their own terms.


To qualify, businesses must be a Canadian-based business operating for at least 6 months and with an average of $7000 in monthly sales. The best part is it’s fast and easy. After submitting an application online and receiving an instant approval decision, businesses can expect to receive funds into their bank account as soon as 24 hours.

We had the opportunity to talk with the CEO of Thinking Capital, Jeff Mitelman, to learn more about how they stand out in the fintech space, their partnerships, and thoughts on the upcoming trends to keep an eye on.

Trulioo: The Canadian fintech space is hot with new players entering all the time. How does Thinking Capital stand out in this space and differ from other online lenders?

Jeff: Since 2006, we helped more than 10,000 small to medium-sized Canadian businesses reach their full potential. As an early leader in the fintech industry, technology drives every decision we make at Thinking Capital.

We base our lending decisions on how a business owner manages their business - not their credit score. Unlike some of our competitors, using your home or personal assets as collateral are a thing of the past. Our cutting-edge, online platform is exclusive to Thinking Capital. We use proprietary data and algorithms to base our lending decisions on how well a business is run and its resulting cash flow. It’s a fancy way of saying that our innovative approach gives business owners a higher chance of securing financing than anywhere else. We guarantee a no-obligation quote in minutes. We want our clients to stop worrying about loans and focus on what matters – their customers. And it doesn’t end there.

With over a decade of industry experience, Thinking Capital provides business owners support from Day 1. We love being the end-to-end financing solution and forging long lasting relationships with our clients. Every day they keep us motivated when they share their success stories, and we hope it inspires the next line of future entrepreneurs; it feels great to be a part of that.

Trulioo: Congrats on your recent partnership with TouchBistro! Since partnerships are important for growth and sustainability, what are some of the things Thinking Capital considers when it comes to business partnerships?

Jeff: Thinking Capital continuously strives to live up to our motto: “Financing made smarter, not harder.” That wouldn’t be possible without our partners who are have been key in the growth of our company. We’ve teamed up with North America's largest banks, payment processors, and technology leaders like CIBC, Moneris, and most recently TouchBistro, who are committed to the success of Canadian small businesses.

We establish mutually beneficial relationships by providing our partners with the latest fintech products, allowing them to reach a client base they never thought possible. Business owners can now modernize their customer experience by making it quick, easy, and simple – as it should be.

Partnering with us doesn’t mean you must own a business, either. Thinking Capital’s referral program lets individuals that want to earn top commission by referring visitors from their site. If it drives a high amount of traffic, it’s worth considering.

Trulioo: We noticed you launched an AI chatbot on Facebook Messenger in October. Can you tell us a little more about your thought process on the project? Aside from artificial intelligence, what do you think are some other trends to watch for this year?

Jeff: Simply put, AI is a game changer. Most of our customers engage with us through mobile devices, and our revolutionary approach of catering to the millennial way of web-surfing offers a highly efficient user experience.

Lucy, our intuitive robotic loan adviser, uses artificial intelligence to guide mobile users through a series of qualifying questions to see whether we’re the right fit. If Lucy gets stumped, the conversation seamlessly shifts to one our funding specialists - with human intelligence. We are very proud to be the first fintech in North America to launch an AI chatbot.

Canada’s fintech sector is still in its infancy. We’ve already seen a change in the financial services industry through partnerships and in-house startup programs. With innovation brings more opportunities and a new generation of tech-savvy adults, which means fintech companies will soon be known as modern banking as opposed to alternative banking.

Integration of technology will be at the heart of the so-called “fintegration,” bridging the gap between the brick and mortar banks of yesterday and the fintech players of tomorrow; whatever the future holds, Thinking Capital is going to be at the forefront of its revolution.

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