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KYC and identity verification for investment apps and platforms

KYC - Investment app
KYC - Investment app

For all the talk about global investments, it’s often difficult and/or expensive for the average person to invest in stocks outside their home country. High fees, limited access and complex paperwork discourage investors from putting their hard-earned money into global giants, such as those that trade on the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq.

One innovative investment platform is on a mission to empower investors around the world. Stake, an Australian-based company, is opening up investment markets by providing an opportunity to invest directly in some of the world’s largest companies. Using a seamless yet sophisticated digital platform, Stake is challenging traditional banks and brokers on investing costs and user experience. Stake currently operates in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the UK, with over 100,000 people active on the platform.

Ensuring compliance and security

Because financial service companies are regulated, Stake needed to undertake appropriate Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer procedures for every customer. Additionally, they needed to provide the appropriate level of security, without compromising on service. This due diligence needed to be done with a global partner — a company that had the scale, expertise and ability to deliver verification to such a vast market.

After a thorough deliberation process, Trulioo GlobalGateway was selected as the identity verification solution that had the breadth and scale to fulfil the criteria.

“We needed a seamless onboarding process. One that not only addresses the regulatory requirement, but that also makes the process between sign-up and trading rapid and simple. We were also looking for a partner that has a global footprint, that is able to scale with us as we grow — there was only one option, and that was Trulioo.”
Dan Silver, COO of Stake

New opportunities in new markets

While Stake sees significant opportunities for further growth in each of the markets where it is now operating, it has ambitious plans to expand its reach to new territories and into new investment opportunities.

Central to this growth strategy is the company’s continued ability to onboard customers in a safe and seamless manner. This combines world-class customer experience with robust security and identity verification to protect its customers and ensure compliance with regulations in every market. As such, it has no doubt that Trulioo will continue to support and accelerate its move into new markets.