Throughout history, identity has been a fairly static concept, you as a physical being. Now, with the unstoppable trend toward digitization, there’s a rapidly developing new era of digital identity. Your digital identity will affect countless areas; how you work, interact, learn, shop, and play, pretty much all areas of your life will be up for change. Of course, with all the significance comes interest from corporations, governments and other institutions that want influence over your personal sphere. [tweet_dis excerpt="Now is the time to set the stage, to determine the rules, to shape the future of identity — @Trulioo"]Now is the time to set the stage, to determine the rules, to shape the future of identity[/tweet_dis].

Those are the stakes for inaugural K(NO)W Identity Conference. Trulioo is very proud to sponsor the conference, which promises to convene the world’s most influential organizations and smartest minds across all industries to shape the future of identity. The conference will take place May 15-17 in Washington, DC. Stop by our Booth 101 to talk about these important issues.

Edward Snowden

It’s going to kick-off with a bang, with the one and only Edward Snowden, doing the opening keynote as well as an audience Q&A. The famous whistle-blower/truth-seeker revealed numerous global surveillance programs and is either reviled, or revered, for his daring act, depending on your personal opinion on the topic. Whatever your views are on the matter, the keynote is simply one you cannot miss, and that’s just one component of the conference.

Trulioo’s CEO Stephen Ufford will also be participating on two panels:



As the payments space continues to grow in size and complexity, merchant acquirers and their partners face new challenges to manage risk. On a global level, fraud continues to migrate from the physical world to the fast-growing CNP environment. At the same time, the acquiring value chain has become more complex with the growth of payment facilitators and marketplaces. This panel session will address the significant and growing KYC challenges in the space, as well as ways in which technology can help with effective and efficient risk assessment and compliance.  Specific topics of discussion will include:

  • Merchant and sub-merchant KYC challenges, both at the time of onboarding and on and ongoing basis
  • The need for speed in the competitive SMB space ·
  • Accurate assessment of portfolio risk and compliance with the growing list of network requirements

Joining Stephen on the panel are industry experts, including:

Allison Guidette
CEO, G2 Web Service

Anand Menon
VP, New Consumers, Mastercard

Abby-Gail Chaffatt
Deputy Chief Compliance Officer, WePay

Julie Conroy (Moderator)
Research Director, Aite Group



Identity verification does not just happen at one point in time – this panel of experts will cover the challenges and best practices for real time identity verification and risk profiling. We’ll delve into the interplay between physical and virtual identity metadata (human identity vs. device identity vs. package identity), as well as cover the latest in document validation, name matching, and machine learning opportunities.

Joining Stephen on the panel are industry experts, including:

Michael Brown
VP Product Strategy, CSI Regulatory Compliance

Phil Poland
Director, Customs and Regulatory Affairs for DHL Express Americas

Douglas Jacobson
Managing Partner, Jacobson Burton Kelley PLLC

Melissa Strait
US Compliance Officer, Stripe, Inc.


"Identity is the hidden layer beneath the interactions amongst every business, their employees, and their customers," said Travis Jarae, Co-Founder and CEO of One World Identity. "The identity industry is integral to business in the 21st century from FinTech to know-your-customer identity verification and anti-fraud as well as identity access management, and biometrics."

The K(NO)W Identity Conference is the premier event for all things identity, convening the world’s most influential organizations and smartest minds across all industries to shape the future of identity. More than 1500 attendees are expected with more than 500 companies from around the globe attending. The conference will feature 150 speakers who will be discussing how identity is at the core of many things we take for granted, while out of reach for billions around the world. Come learn, teach, network and advance the conversation around identity. Leaders in fintech, regtech, healthcare, government, non-profit, banking, shared economy, security, governance, privacy and many others are all gathering to shape what identity is now and what it will look like in the future.