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Trulioo Chosen as Part of the NextBC Top 25!

Trulioo NextBC Top 25
NextBC Top 25

Trulioo is proud to have been chosen as one of NextBC’s Top 25 Most Innovative BC Tech Companies that will Shape our Future. Trulioo is at the forefront of disruptive tech in the identity verification space and is driving the trends in the industry. How are we doing that?

Technology: Until the advent and popularity of social networks, the global adoption of the Internet and the overall acceptance of online commerce and communication, Trulioo’s version of identity verification could never have been imaged, let alone undertaken. Trulioo takes the availability of big data, the science behind analytics and the delivery of Open Source and creates a verification method that surpasses the traditional by way of freshness, cost, accessibility and accuracy.

Trulioo is the first ever, global repository of scored cyber identities, enabling businesses to confidently engage online by verifying their users in real time. Trulioo is the pioneer in aggregating Internet identity information (social, behavioral and ecommerce data) and applying analytics to establish verified cyber identities. We provide consumer information and ID verification for a wide range of customers globally. This includes leading e-commerce, review sites, media groups, and consumer engagement platforms. Essentially, any online business, anywhere in the world, that is looking to authenticate their user online and leverage verified profiles to improve their marketing and business efforts.

Policy: In today’s big data world there is a lot of talk about consumer privacy. With so much information available on the web about an individual, how do we ensure that the consumer’s interest is protected? Trulioo believes that in order to engage in this new Web 2.0 world, the limitations put upon by different government regulation and legislation as well as the varying requirements found in individual business’ Privacy policies limit and stifle the capacity for growth in the online world. Trulioo is spearheading a change in regulation, legislation and policy to adapt a more “User as Owner” outlook on privacy. The idea is that information is and will be aggregated on individuals however; the sharing of this information must follow permission by the user (think OAuth). This is an idea that is very controversial as it takes the power and responsibility out of government and industries hands and put it into the individual’s. We believe that the User should be the one hitting the “Allow” button, not governments or businesses. This take on consumer policy considers the global reach of the Internet and the varying ways with which people interact on the Web and creates a trust framework that enables a one-size-fits-all privacy policy that crosses borders and is adaptable no matter where a business or consumer resides.

What does it mean to be a BC company? Trulioo is a Silicon Valley and NYC funded company that has chosen, despite pressure to the contrary, to make Vancouver it’s headquarters. There are many reasons for this that touch on not just geography but also regulatory environment and financial support.

1)     Geographically speaking, the advantages to staying a BC company are obvious. First is the proximity to Silicon Valley whose environment has played a major piece in the growth of the company. Being within a couple hours of the world’s major tech hub allows for the business to take advantage of the network and connections found there without significant disruption to the core business. Additionally, because of the flourishing tech community in Vancouver, immersion enables access to highly skilled talent and potential partners while facilitating continued growth locally.

2)     In the Identity sector, the regulatory environment in Canada is looked on favorably and is deemed a preferable alternative to other global governments including our neighbors to the South. Being Canadian has opened many doors and enabled unguarded discussion and unique opportunities when conducting business in this policy-driven and hypersensitive space. Vancouver is a world-recognized city that has a positive reputation and therefore a great location to build a global business.

3)     Trulioo is proud to be an IRAP, EUREKA and SR&ED recipient; grants that demonstrate both the provincial and federal dedication to fostering technology innovation. Without the support of these grants, speculative and highly ambitious technology such as Trulioo’s could never have gotten off the ground and opened up a whole new industry to the world. Trulioo has used these grants as reasons to procure international investment and demonstrate why BC tech is the place to make an impact.

We think everyone who has supported us as we have grown. We aim to continue providing groundbreaking identity verification services across the globe from our home base, British Columbia. See our COO Tanis Jorge’s interview with the Georgia Straight here!