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Low code identity verification is changing the game in fraud and KYC

Low code identity verification
Low code identity verification

The monumental shift to digital services is on. But in your desire to ship your innovation out the door, you can’t neglect compliance and fraud prevention. The last thing you need is a security or compliance lapse that could ruin your business.

Fortunately, there’s a low code solution that you can implement quickly and still get the same bank-grade identity verification services that Fortune 500 companies rely on. Our hosted solution, EmbedID, provides a low code option to access our GlobalGateway digital identity network, in addition to an API and portal.

In an upcoming webinar, learn how you can integrate EmbedID to your tech stack and start protecting against fraud and financial crime:

Low code identity verification is changing the game in fraud and KYC

Thursday, December 10 (7 a.m. PST/3 p.m. GMT)

With EmbedID, you can add a snippet of code to verify the globe. By simply copying and pasting this code into your app or site, you get all the power of GlobalGateway:

  • Quickly run identity verifications
  • Easily verify identity documents
  • Simultaneously perform fraud prevention checks

Identity verification (IDV) is a crucial online tool to ensure your customers are legitimate. In many use cases (like financial services), verifying identities is mandatory for AML/KYC compliance. Beyond that, checking that customers are real and their information matches trusted data sources is a significant fraud prevention measure.

ID document verification offers another layer of security by authenticating government-issued identity documents, like a driver’s license or passport. Taking a risk-based approach that combines both identity and ID document verification helps increase assurance of your compliance and fraud prevention processes with an optimal customer onboarding experience.

Low code implementations

Integrating and managing these capabilities is time-consuming and complex. There are regulations that differ depending on the jurisdiction, and varying technology requirements and best practices that are nuanced and challenging for non-experts.

EmbedID allows you to focus on product innovation, instead of tedious compliance programming complexities. By leveraging a low code identity verification solution, you can quickly access compliance and fraud prevention best practices and expertise easily and securely.

At the same time, it’s built to scale with you as your identity needs shift:

  • Single API integration includes coverage for 195 countries to support global expansion
  • Infrastructure and integration options built to support any organization, large or small
  • Modern technologies and new data sources added regularly to offer a future-proof solution

We have simplified the verification process to help protect your organization from unnecessary risk so that you can innovate and deliver new digital services consumers want and need. Attend the low code solutions webinar and learn how to:

  • Build products online without the use of code, even if you’re non-technical
  • Bring IDV and fraud detection tools into your apps and web apps from day one
  • Create scalable solutions that are easy to update and expand as your business needs change