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EmbedID launches new features: Preview and Manager

EmbedID Preview and Manager

Sometimes you don’t believe it, until you see it. A tech integration might seem powerful, useful and easy to set up, but how do you know until you actually do it? To that point, Trulioo has added a Preview feature to EmbedID. Since launching earlier this year, users have been asking for a way to try different flows, inputs and settings without having to wait to see how it looks on their site; now you can tweak all available parameters and instantly preview the results within EmbedID.

If you’re not familiar with EmbedID, it’s a low-code developer tool that makes it easy to access the Trulioo GlobalGateway identity network. By adding a few lines of code, you can automatically perform identity verification checks on customers to ensure they are who they say they are. For online businesses, identity verification is crucial to establish trust, reduce fraud and mitigate risks.

EmbedID Preview

With Preview, you’re one click away from having your EmbedID experience up and running in a trial environment. EmbedID creates responsive country-specific registration forms that are preconfigured to integrate with the GlobalGateway API.

Run as many verifications as you like using our test identities so you can preview how EmbedID will work in your live environment. Now with Preview, you can see it just like it would appear live on your site. You can try different countries or different form settings and see the results instantly.

EmbedID Preview

EmbedID Manager

Even better, you’re not limited to one form. With Manager, you can create multiple forms and manage them all from one dashboard.

Perhaps you have different use cases and want to give different forms to different audiences. Or perhaps you have customers in multiple countries and you want to request different identity attributes based on different product offerings and risk levels — each market has different requirements, risks and data accessibility. Manager allows you to create and manage as many forms as you want via EmbedID.

Identity verification is a complex topic requiring considerable expertise in security, privacy protection, regulatory compliance, data management and information analysis. Using EmbedID allows you to leverage all the expertise and technology that Trulioo has created, making identity verification as easy as adding a snippet of code. Trulioo takes care of the hard work, such as meeting ISO 27001 security and sourcing, vetting, contracting, integrating and maintaining connections with hundreds of data sources around the world.

Trulioo GlobalGateway provides a robust, scalable solution for numerous identity use cases, and with EmbedID, you access all that technology with one integration. Using the same verification application programming interface (API) used by hundreds of enterprise customers (Fortune 500), you gain the ability to verify 5 billion people around the world.

Let EmbedID create your registration forms to securely onboard verified users around the globe so that developers can focus on product innovation. The Preview and Manager features will help:

  • Instantly preview the look of a form within EmbedID
  • Make setting adjustments and see changes reflected in the preview
  • Create multiple instances of different forms and workflows
  • Manage all instances from within EmbedID