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Digital Identity in China: Today & Tomorrow

June 20, 2019  

China already has over 800 million internet users and 98 percent of them are active mobile users. In fact, Statista estimates that over $1.9 trillion in digital payments will be processed in China in 2020. Combine the world’s largest market with the digital capabilities of mobile devices and what do you get?

Answer: A massive opportunity for market and revenue growth.

Organizations that want to pursue the Chinese mobile user market are well advised to consider their digital identity strategy – how can they effectively run identity checks on potentially millions of customers for compliance and fraud prevention?

On June 26, Trulioo will be participating at Mobile World Congress Shanghai’s (MWC19 Shanghai) seminar: The future of digital identity in China. MWC19 Shanghai is Asia’s leading event for next-generation technology – 5G, IoT, AI, big data and other mobile-related topics. MWC has marked the future of digital identity in China as the flagship seminar, indicating how vital the topic is. Development of digital identity in China – and how global enterprises can access the Chinese market, as digital services grow through the spread of IoT and 5G technologies – will be discussed among senior representatives from China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Microsoft and Trulioo.

As 67 percent of Chinese residents do not have a credit record, the smooth and safe onboading of thin-file prospects is crucial to ensuring the ongoing growth of the digital market. What is the current state of digital identity services in China? What is the future of digital identity in the world’s most connected country? How can organizations outside of China use digital identity services to access this growing market? Understanding these issues is core to participating in one of the biggest opportunities on the planet.

Speakers include:

  • Ivan Yang, Business Development & Partnerships, Trulioo
  • Morgan Webb, Senior Programme Manager, Microsoft
  • Stefan Kostic, CEO, IPification
  • Mark Harvey, Global Engagement Director, GSMA (host)

Wednesday 26 June 2019 2:00 pm
Jumeirah Hotel
1108 Meihua Rd, ShiJi GongYuan, Pudong Xinqu Shanghai Shi, 201203 China