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Follower to Fan

From Follower to Fan – Your 5 Step Game Plan

Followers vs. Fans, what’s the difference? Followers like you but don’t crave you. They’re the casual sports viewer that keeps up with major events but doesn’t watch every game. Fans are hardcore fanatics, they watch every game religiously and have the face paint and dyed hair to match their favorite vintage jersey.

So, how do you take your 5 or 5000 followers and turn them into an army of fans? Trulioo has compiled a “How-To” guide that your business can use to improve how you engage, interact and communicate with those excited about your brand. Read more about the individual steps in detail on our blog.


Disclaimer: Trulioo provides no warranty that the information contained in this document is accurate, up to date or complete and in no circumstance does such information constitute legal advice. Any person who intends to rely upon or use the information contained herein in any way is solely responsible for independently verifying the information and obtaining independent expert advice if required.

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