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Fintech Conference to Bring the Who’s Who of Finance and Technology Under One Roof

Fintech on the Block
Spurred by the proliferation of new technologies and the rapid pace of regulatory change, the arena of finance is undergoing a dramatic transformation. With all the chatter surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain, the conversation around how such emerging technologies will change consumer behavior and affect the traditional gatekeepers of finance, has become muddled. On November 27 and 28, FinTech on the Block (FTOB) will bring together the most authoritative and influential voices at the forefront of this discussion, and attempt to set the record straight on what the future holds for the world of finance. Featuring guests from HSBC, Ripple, 500 Startups, IBM, NASDAQ, Trulioo and other fintech startups, the conference will be held in San Francisco. It will also host speakers, workshops, discussions, networking events, along with VIP dinners, “pop-up discussions” and afterparties.

“Risk and Identity”

A focal point of the conference will be a panel discussion on “Risk and Identity” and how innovations in the area will affect the day-to-day of finance. Indeed, both identity and risk continue to be talking points of critical importance in the finance community. In a tight regulatory environment where Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) controls are expected to be more stringent than ever, financial services are under increasing pressure to, on the one hand, perform their due diligence on customers and minimize compliance risk, and, on the other hand, maximize the ease of doing business, along with working towards financial inclusion. All this, and more, will be discussed in the context of what the conference calls the “New Finance Triangle” — the troika of “traditional financial titans, fintech startups and blockchain newcomers.” Anatoly Kvitnitsky, Trullio’s VP of Growth, will be taking part in the panel discussion. Kvitnitsky’s insights come from a rare vantage point as Trulioo works not only with fast-growing tech unicorns, but also traditional financial institutions (FIs) and cryptocurrencies. FinTech on the Block promises to be two days of exciting conversations around creating “greater transparency, deeper interconnectivity, increased decentralization and fundamental disruption.”   FinTech on The Block November 27 – 28 City View at METREON, 135 Fourth Street, San Francisco Book Your Tickets