FinDEVr London

Trulioo is proud to showcase GlobalGateway’s Normalized API in action at FinDEVr London. The showcase will be a 15-minute live presentation designed to help developers of fintech create better innovations faster. There will be dozens of other presentations with the latest tools, platforms, APIs, and case studies from cutting-edge technology companies.

There will also be high-impact networking in an exhibition area throughout each day. [tweet_dis excerpt="@FinDEVr gathers together technologists that are forging the future of financial, banking & payments technology"]FinDEVr gathers together hundreds of the technologists – devs, software architects, CTOs, VPs of engineering – that are forging the future of financial, banking and payments technology[/tweet_dis].

We will showcase how CTOs and developers can leverage Trulioo’s API for electronic identity verification (eIDV), AML screening, and Document Verification through a single RESTful API integration. We appreciate and understand that the smartest engineers are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity. We will also be making a special company announcement on stage during the presentation.

Trulioo’s API offers great value to engineers looking for the most effective and efficient identity verification solution to meet their business needs, e.g. compliance obligations, fraud prevention and risk mitigation, in the most scalable, agile and flexible manner. Trulioo relieves clients from having to negotiate multiple data contracts, integrate multiple vendor APIs, perform due diligence checks, and vet each and every single data vendor to ensure compliance. Trulioo has completed all the legwork for clients and will demonstrate using a SOAP UI tool what happens when a client calls the Trulioo API.


FinDEVr is the only conference focused on the TECHNOLOGY side of fintech. Its mission is to serve the financial services developer community.

FinDEVr events are built around a unique format that combines fast-paced content with just the right amount of high-quality networking in order to provide maximum value to presenters and attendees. The event is dual-track so that each attendee can choose the content they find most valuable.

Presentations are interspersed with more than four hours of dedicated, high-impact networking each day. This includes an hour-long happy hour networking session with open bar and appetizers at the end of each day for attendees to connect with each other and with the presenters they found interesting.

There are three big things that make FinDEVr special:

Unique High-Value Audience – As the only event focused on the developers of innovative financial and banking technology, FinDEVr attracts a high-value audience excited to learn about, and use, the latest cutting-edge tools, APIs, and technology. It’s an audience you can’t find anywhere else.

Innovative Powerful Format – At FinDEVr, the spotlight is focused on the newest technologies, tutorials and case studies presented in an innovative format that powerfully blends learning and networking. There are no hour-long boring keynotes where everyone catches up on email, pointless panels or excessive hours of “wander-the-giant-tradeshow-floor” time.

Cutting-Edge Content Selection – The presenters at FinDEVr are handpicked to showcase their latest innovations and case studies for creating the future of fintech. This method ensures the event delivers great value to attendees and presenting companies as well as generating significant buzz and excitement among the industry.

FinDEVr London is happening at the historic, unique and tech-forward Tobacco Dock June 12 – 13, 2017 and is part of London Tech Week.

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