DeveloperWeek SF Bay - 2020

Innovation is essential for growth in the technology sector. That’s why 8,000+ developers gather in San Francisco for DeveloperWeek every year, to hear about the newest advances and get inspired with ideas for their own work.

Trulioo recognizes the importance of innovation as well as the value of innovating within a strategic framework so that those efforts are more likely to succeed. We’re excited to share what we’ve learned about developing new products, both at the big picture business level and at the nitty gritty technology level.

DevExec World

DevExec World is an exclusive conference investing in the development of leadership roles of technical managers and directors (CTO, developer, engineer, technicians) at all experience levels. Trulioo R&D Product Manager Conor Delahunty is presenting a pro session on making the connection between working tech and a solid business case so you can turn an idea into your company’s next success.

PRO SESSION: Making the Case: How to Build the Next Product That’s Right for Your Company

Thursday, February 13, 2 – 2:50 p.m.
DevExec Stage

Building something completely new is … difficult (to put it mildly). There’s a lot of uncertainty and chaos. But it can also be the most exciting and rewarding work you’ll get to do.

How can you convince others to invest the time to build something new?
How can you be sure you’re even building the right thing?

During this session, we’ll share insights to guide you in the process of selling your idea internally and getting it built. Everyone knows about prototypes, POCs, and MVPs, but just having them isn’t enough — you’ve got to connect them to what your stakeholders want. This session will cover:

  • Business cases: why and how to create them
  • Build-Measure-Learn: experiment and validate for the win
  • Scoping: design and plan before executing
  • Stakeholders: when and why to loop them in
  • Prioritizing: how to preserve your sanity

Join Trulioo R&D Product Manager Conor Delahunty to learn more about making the connection between working tech and a solid business case so you can turn an idea into your company’s next success.

Expo Stage Presentation

DeveloperWeek SF will also feature numerous developer-focused presentations on tracks such as JavaScript, AI and machine learning, blockchain development, and API microservices. Senior Software Engineer Menelaos Kotsollaris will present about designing and implementing micro frontends.

OPEN TALK: Micro Frontends for Rapid SaaS Delivery with JavaScript and Github Actions

Thursday, February 13, 10 – 10:25 a.m.
Expo Discovery Stage (West Hall)

The JavaScript landscape has been growing immensely. New npm packages are being released every day; likewise, new frameworks, libraries, and websites are being launched to help developers plug into the ecosystem. With the latest developments in the JavaScript community, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost in this sea of information — developers may find it difficult to choose optimal libraries to build scalable systems that can offer the best possible user experience.

This presentation will drill down on the micro frontend principles and how developers can use them to create powerful workflows that can be extended by other frameworks. Architecture design and implementation-specific details will be showcased followed by a live coding session. This talk will be based on the implementation of EmbedID, the latest open source identity verification suite of products, provided by Trulioo.

Booth 104

Trulioo will be on the floor at Booth 104 ready to meet attendees. We invite you to stop in and chat about how you can incorporate identity verification into your application or services with just a snippet of code. Plan ahead and book a meeting to make the most of your time.


Booth 104 — arrange a meeting

Learn about the latest developments in identity verification technology and ways to integrate it into your tech stack.