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7 ways to increase customer conversions during onboarding

Increase customer conversions during onboarding

April 8, 2021  

Increase customer conversions during onboarding

With online sales, the moment of truth comes when the prospect decides to buy and starts the onboarding process. Will the experience be relatively quick and seamless, leading to a happy new customer? Or, will the process be cumbersome and frustrating, a poor first experience that results in customer abandonment?

Customers want the account opening process to be secure, seamless and quick. According to the Trulioo Consumer Account Opening report, 73% of consumers are increasingly intolerant of poor account opening experiences and will switch to other providers. But organizations can take steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Learn how to optimize the customer onboarding experience while helping ensure security, data privacy, compliance and fraud prevention measures are in place with the Trulioo webinar:

7 ways to increase customer conversions during onboarding

May 5, 2021 / 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET

When a user is ready to create an online account, research shows that a balance of speed and security delivers the ideal customer experience. Leading-edge companies leverage new onboarding strategies to “wow” customers and gain a competitive edge from the get-go.

A positive account creation experience results in more customers benefiting from the goods and services your company offers. As an added bonus, the trust built during the onboarding process can increase customer loyalty and lifetime value.

During this webinar, Jane Van Sickle, VP of Sales at Trulioo, will share insights into:

  • Seven best practices for deploying effective digital onboarding
  • Innovative tools and technologies to build better onboarding processes
  • Critical use cases for a global, risk-based approach to identity verification