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Harness the Power of First Impressions

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Learn the Secrets to Optimizing Account Creation Processes to help you Build Strong Customer Relationships

People are intolerant of poor online account creation experiences and will switch to other sites if they encounter a relatively slow, confusing or invasive process. All the time and effort to build and grow a great service can be negated during that critical make-or-break onboarding experience.

When opening an account online, what do consumers care about? What do they look for, what do they expect and what do they want to avoid? Those critical questions are some of the insights collected in The power of first impressions – Optimizing account creation for the 2020 consumer.

Download this report to learn about:

  • Customer views about online security
  • Information customers are willing to share
  • The acceptable balance between speed and security
  • Differences between US and UK consumers
  • Which industries consumers think offer good onboarding experiences — and which don’t
  • Top reasons people will abandon account opening